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This message board is for ex Scientologists to freely discuss mutual experiences in Scientology.

It covers such topics as L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige and current management, auditing and training, Ethics tech and it’s application, OSA, fair game, Clear & OT levels, Freewinds, and recovering from a cult experience.


The board is for Ex Scientologists of all “denominations” to get together and talk things over. Some leave the church because they are forced out by some insane ethics order yet remain true believers; some left of their own accord because it stopped making sense; some find the tech truly workable but management corrupt; some find the earlier tech workable but call the Golden Age of Tech the “work of squirrels”; some don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and some feel that there is no baby at all. Some practice Scientology alternatives, some practice Freezone Scientology, some use bits and pieces in their daily lives and some want nothing more to do with it. It is likely that most people are happy where they sit in regards to Scientology. They have their minds made up about it and no amount of discussion will change that. This board is not meant to be a vehicle to plead your case, reconvert the fallen or preach your brand. It is designed to allow people to connect up, gain some understanding of our differences, learn to respect each others opinions and find some peace with it and hopefully within ourselves.
– Source: Ex-Scientologist Message Board FAQ

Who can post?

Anyone is free to post here whether you have been in scientology or not. It was first thought that the board should be limited to only those with a history in Scientology. But when considered more closely, it was realised that if you limit membership to only exes, you are shutting yourself off from a wealth if information from other areas. Many people who were never scientologists run excellent web sites, have been involved in litigation against the church, are experts in mind control or were members of different religious groups that treat it members similarly. The list goes on and on. Sometimes only a person who was never involved can see things with a clarity that an ex member cannot.
– Source: Ex-Scientologist Message Board FAQ

Will OSA monitor the board?

Probably. It is their job to monitor all outside discussion of Scientology. Please bear this in mind when you post, particularly if your anonymity from the church is still important to you. Don’t give away specifics about yourself unless you are comfortable in doing so. If you are a trained auditor it’s probably safe to say so, but leave out which Org you were from or who the C/S was etc.
– Source: Ex-Scientologist Message Board FAQ

The board is privately run and has no affiliation with any group, corporation or entity, especially the Church of Scientology or any of its front groups.

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