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Christian Messianic Prophecy Bible Visit the site to see how you can obtain a free copy.


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Apologetics Index research resource Jews, Judaism, and Jewish Culture

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Christian Jerusalem Assembly – House of Redemption “[A] fellowship of Jewish and Gentile believers who serve the Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Israel.” This ministry operates www.yeshua.co.il a Hebrew language web site “dedicated to sharing and teaching the Gospel of Messiah with native speaking Israelis. The web site is designed to be both evangelistic and instructive; a great place to study the Word of God. Many thought-provoking questions are answered from the Scriptures and free materials are offered including: Bibles, videos and Christian literature.”

  • Jewish Roots Of Christianity Not specifically a Messianic Jewish website, but a good introduction to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith
  • Christian Jews For Jesus (Pro) “We exist to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.”
    Non-Christian Jews for Judaism (Contra) “Jews for Judaism is the only international, full-time counter-missionary, counter-cult, educational, outreach and counseling organization dedicated to countering the multi-million-dollar efforts of deceptive missionary and cult groups that target the Jewish community for conversion.”
    Christian The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project (Pro) “Statistics show that more than half of the Jewish people who do believe in Yeshua came to know Him through reading the Messianic Prophecies.” The site allows you to reserve a free copy of the soon-to-be-published Messianic Prophecy Bible.
    Christian Moriel Ministries (Pro) The teaching ministry of Jacob Prasch and friends. “Jacob is a Hebrew speaking evangelist to The Jews and a bible teacher elaborating on the original Judeo-Christian background and hermeneutics of The New Testament…”
    Non-Christian Outreach Judaism (Contra) “Outreach Judaism is an international organization that responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity.”

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