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“Family Church of Peace” is one of many names used by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) – the official name for the religious movement known as the Unification Church.

Theologically, the Unification Church – which was founded by Sun Myung Moon – is at best a cult of Christianity.

One of the goals of the Unification Church (which operates under hundreds of names and front groups) is to unite all religions:

We are now in an age in which no one has to change their religion but rather to receive True Parents “blessing” of marriage with the prayers of their own religious leaders and live as a blessed family. There is no division in God’s eyes between Muslim, Christian and Jew and all the religions of the world.

The founders of the great religions are one with us and therefore God is working directly through those major traditions.

Each Mosque, Synagogue and Church that follows with this providence will automatically become a “Family Mosque of Peace.”, “Family Synagogue of Peace.” “Family Church of Peace”. This is the age that was prophesied in the scriptures. Flags with this name are being prepared per Father’s direction to be displayed by each church and holy place.
– Source: Rev. Michael Jenkins, A Time for Prayer: A Time for ActionPDF file, Unification News, March, 2004

When Michael Jenkins, President of the FFWPU in America, writes that “[t]he founders of the great religions are one with us…” he is thinking about an event announced in advertisements his church placed in several U.S. newspapers in July, 2000. The ad claimed there had been a meeting “in the spirit world” attended by Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, Buddha, Martin Luther and John Harvard:

According to the ad, which was presented to newspapers around the country this month, these men and hundreds of others in attendance proclaimed their allegiance to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the Unification Church. At the spirit meeting, the ad said, Jesus hailed Mr. Moon as the Messiah, proclaiming, “You are the Second Coming who inaugurated the Completed Testament Age.” Muhammad then led everyone in three cheers of victory.
– Source: Decisions Differ on Religious Ad, New York Times, July 22, 2002

Despite the alleged support from big names in “the spirit world,” the real world has remained largely unimpressed with Sun Myung Moon’s ideas. Yet Moon remains optimistic.

At the end of a speech explaining the reasons for his 2006, “120 City World Tour,” Moon – born Feb. 25, 1920 – said, “Because Adam fell within one generation, all has to be restored and completed during the one generation of Father’s life. We must go over the hill of indemnity.”

In the same speech, Moon refers to his Family Church of Peace flag:

In so many ways Korea has become the center of the world’s attention. In economic development, medical research and even the conflict between North and South Korea has placed Korea in the center of history.

The situation of the nuclear weapons is very serious at this time. We must change this direction and get rid of these weapons. Dr. Yang, Michael Jenkins how seriously I want to push you. If you had gathered all the Christian churches and hoisted the Family Church of Peace flag, the situation would be much stronger now. You must fulfill.
– Source: Sun Myung Moon, Understanding the 120 City World Tour and Blessing

Three years after the introduction of the “Family Church of Peace” flags, there appear to be only a handful of churches by that name.


  1. Family Church of Peace

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