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Christian A Biblical Guide To Orthodoxy And Heresy by Robert M. Bowman. Highly recommended!
Christian Finding the Truth How the earliest church decided Marcion and the Gnostics, among others, were wrong. By Justo Gonzalez, Jr. Christian History, July 1, 1996. This is a condensed excerpt from Gonzalez’s book, The Story of Christianity – Volume 1 [Volume 2]

Long before the controversies of the fourth and fifth centuries, the church had already been dealing with heresy for some time. Early on teachers arose who said they had special access to Jesus’ “real teachings.” So early on, the church had to come up with methods for discerning truth and rejecting error. In his The Story of Christianity (Harper & Row, 1984), Justo Gonzalez, a member of the faculty of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, discusses the two most powerful heresies of the earliest church and how it responded.

Christian A Hammer Struck at Heresy What exactly happened at the famous Council of Nicea, when the Roman emperor convened some 250 quarreling Christian bishops? By Robert Payne, Christian History, Summer 1996.
Christian Heresy in the Early Church – A Timeline by Bradley Nassif, in Christian History, Summer 1996
Christian Heresy in the Early Church Remarkable or little-known facts. By Tony Lane, Christian History, Summer 1996
Christian Malcontents for Christ The mixed motives and odd teachings of four notorious heretics. By Stephen M. Miller, Christian History, Summer 1996
Christian Sifting Through the Christ Controversies A quick summary of the competing schools of thought. Christian History, Summer 1996
Christian What is Heresy? And What is a Heresy Hunter? by Mike Oppenheimer
Christian Who Are You To Say by Greg Koukle

The “Who are you to say?” challenge is used by non-Christians and Christians, especially by those who deplore the “heresy hunters” in the church. This rejoinder, though, deftly sidesteps the real issue.


Christian The Cruelty of Heresy by C. FitzSimons Allison
Christian Heresies: Heresy and Orthodoxy in the History of the Church by Harold O. J. Brown.

“The history of Christian theology is in large part a history of heresies, because Jesus and the claims he made . . . seemed incredible,” writes the author. Heresies presents “the story of how succeeding generations of Christians through almost twenty centuries have tried to understand, trust, and obey Jesus Christ.” Particularly concerned with christology and trinitarianism, the author calls on the four major creeds of the church–Apostles’, Nicene, Athanasian, and Chalcedonian–to separate orthodoxy from heresy. He acknowledges that heresy has done much more than confuse and divide the church. It has also helped the church to classify orthodoxy. Just as heresy served this purpose historically, so it serves this purpose pedagogically in Heresies. This volume presents a clarion call to evangelicals to preserve tenaciously “the faith once delivered to the saints.” Frank E. James III wrote in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society: “Brown deserves to be commended not only for his insightful scholarship and his readable style but also and more importantly for providing a sorely-needed jab to the soft underbelly of modern evangelicalism.”

Christian Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity by Walter Bauer, Robert A. Kraft (Editor), Gerhard Krodel (Editor)


Christian Heresy [MP3] [WMA] a Bible Study by Leroy Eims

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  1. Heresy, Heretic
  2. Heresy - Research Resources

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