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Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. (MCO) is a Christian countercult and apologetics ministry headed by Don and Joy Veinot.

Formed in 1995, MCO is active in a number of areas, including:

  • Exit counseling for cult members (and their friends and family)
  • Distribution of literature, tapes and videos with teachings on apologetis, cults and world religions
  • Organizing seminars and providing pulpit supply

A prime example of the kind of in depth research provided by MCO is the book, “A Matter of Basic Principles,” which addresses the troublesome teachings and practices of Bill Gothard and his Institute in Basic Life Principles. [Reviews]

MCO Journal

MCO’s free quarterly Journal is something of a well-kept secret. It includes excellent articles by skilled researchers and well-known apologists and countercult professionals, such as Sarah Flashing, Ron Henzel, Bill McKeever, Marcia Montenegro, Rich Poll, Mark Roggeman, and Don and Joy Veinot.

The MCO Journal is available by mail and online

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Midwest Christian Outreach has recently started a blog, The Crux


XPUNDERGROUND is a ministry of Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. (MCOI) and is dedicated to teaching today’s young generation of Christians to know what they believe and why the believe it.
– Source: About us, XPUNDERGROUND

Financial Policy

Midwest Christian Outreach is supported by donations:

Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. (MCOI) is a faith ministry. By this we mean that we rely on God working through the prayers and generosity of His people to provide us with the spiritual and financial support we need to fulfill our mission.

Thus the “suggested donation” amounts listed in our Resource Catalogue are just that: suggested donations. We don’t want the cost of a booklet or tape or video to prevent it from reaching someone who truly needs it. If you’re unable to send the suggested total, just include a brief note with your order telling us that. No apology or explanation is necessary.

The same principle applies to all other services MCOI provides. If your church or organization asks us to present a conference or seminar, we’ll advise you concerning the typical costs for these events, and — although we’re not in a position to make guarantees — we’ll endeavor to fulfill your request even if those costs are beyond your means.

We have a very practical reason for following this policy. We spend a lot of time evangelizing and ministering to the victims of cults and spiritually abusive groups. Very often these people have been financially exploited by their former groups, sometimes quite cruelly, and are understandably wary of anyone trying to sell “spiritual truth.” If we charged for our resources and services it would create in these people’s minds an unnecessary obstacle to the biblical truths we present to them.

This is also why we make every effort to keep our fund raising appeals to a minimum. It’s not that we don’t have financial needs, or think it’s more “spiritual” to not talk about them. But current and former cultists (as well as others) observe what we do, and many of them would be stumbled on the path to faith in Christ if they perceived we focused more on money than on ministry.
– Source: How We’re Supported Midwest Christian Outreach


Midwest Christian Outreach is one of the counseling organizations recommended by Apologetics Index.

Address & Contact Info

Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc.
P.O. Box 446
Wonder Lake, IL 60097-0446

Phone: (630) 627-9028
Email: info@midwestoutreach.org

Social Media



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  1. Midwest Christian Outreach

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