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Note: The majority of our research resources on the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the current official name of the Unification Church, is still located at the old entry.


Secular Bad Moon Rising “Researcher’s New Book Exposes Korean Evangelist’s Ties To the Religious Right And His Extraordinary Political Power In America” Americans United for Separation of Church and State, May 2008.

Journalist and researcher John Gorenfeld has studied the political influence of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church for years. In his new book, Bad Moon Rising: How Reverend Moon Created The Washington Times, Seduced the Religious Right, and Built an American Kingdom (PoliPoint Press, 2008), Gorenfeld explains how Moon used his fortune to ingratiate himself with the Religious Right and influence the course of conservative politics in America.

Gorenfeld discussed the book recently with Church & State.

Secular One Mother’s Tale: Moon & Her Son by Robert Parry

So began a four-year nightmare for Debbie Diglio. Like thousands of other parents in the past quarter century, she had lost a child to the charismatic South Korean who teaches that his movement is building a theocracy that will rule the world. During those four years, Stacey almost completely severed ties to his family and nearly drove his mother to a nervous breakdown.


  • Ambassadors for Moon A spin-off of (Richard) Bartholomew’s Notes On Religion blog

    The links between Moon and the Bush family have been well-documented, and do not need repeating here. Of more interest is the fact that around the world dozens of politicians, including former heads of state, have enthusiastically endorsed both the UPF and its founder, and that thousands of high-achievers have accepted the title of “Ambassador for Peace” from the organisation. This is a remarkable success story, and, if the UPF itself is to be credited, is of global significance.

    There are, of course, already a number of blogs that consider Moon’s significance in the USA and monitor the affairs of his Unification Church: sites run by John Gorenfeld and Scoobie Davis are probably the best-known. However, besides myself I don’t think anyone has been keeping a watch on the trickle of global news reports concerning the UPF. This blog — a spin-off from my Notes on Religion blog — is an attempt to chronicle this fascinating development.

  • King of America [Contra] Companion blog to John Gorenfeld’s book Bad Moon Rising
  • Light on Sun Myung Moon [Mostly Contra] The blog’s author, who identifies him- or herself only as ‘Lover of Truth,” says “I know Sun Myung Moon and his teaching very well. This blog is to inform about him, about his children, about his teaching and about his church. Learn what is good in that teaching and learn what is not good.” The author further writes, “Contact me if you need to know more about Sun Myung Moon. Contact me if you’re a Unificationist and you have doubts. I spent over 20 years of researching Rev. Moon and his movement. I was and am persecuted daily by them, but i refuse to let hatred or resentment control my actions. I believe in doing God’s will.”
  • The Real Sun Myung Moon [Contra] “A Blog Devoted to Exposing America’s Most Powerful Cult Leader and Political Power Broker”



Secular Moon: Emperor Of the Universe Episode of the BBC documentary series, Reputations, broadcast on Aug. 7, 2001.

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