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From time to time the group makes the news, most recently when a jury convicted three of its members – including Marie Kolanski – of operating an unlicensed eatery and for resisting arrest.

The criminal case stems back to Oct. 6 and 26, 2005, when prosecutors say members of the Christian group physically blocked health inspectors and district attorney investigators from entering the Piecemakers Country Store. An eatery is inside the craft shop.
– Source: Piecemakers found guilty, The Orange County Register, USA, Nov. 21, 2006

For some years, the group has barred county health inspectors from its facility, citing freedom of religion as justification.

After a final failed attempt to inspect the store in October 2005, county investigator Gregory Horton obtained a warrant and entered the site with inspectors and Costa Mesa police, he testified Monday.

Deputy Dist. Atty. Scott Steiner played several videotapes of the incident, which showed defiant Piecemakers spewing profanities and Kolasinski demanding, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Although the Piecemakers haven’t put on their defense, Kolasinski said in an interview last week that they believe that God created the United States and that God should rule over it.

She said she and her religious followers would make every effort to keep their store clean of “the devil” — the government — which tries to lord it over them “with a big hatchet.”

“They’ve got so many laws, I’m afraid to put my foot out the door,” she said.

She decided to take a stand. “You won’t have the land of the free unless you get the home of the brave,” she said. “We need some brave people.”

As for her foul language on the videotape, Kolasinski said that although she hated using those words, she felt that they were “the only thing they can hear.”
– Source: Defiant Orange County sect leader says county is wrestling with God, Los Angeles Times, USA, Nov. 21, 2006

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Piecemakers: Outcome of Court Case Determines America’s Future

According to the Piecemaker’s Scedule October – December, 2006PDF file, the outcome of the court case referred to above has direct bearing on America’s near future:

October 31st is our court date. As most of you already know if we are living in a true republic, a home of the free, we would have no reason to fight a government so as to run our business as we see fit.

America is standing on the cusp of a happening. The outcome of this case will determine whether we go into the greatest darkness this country has seen, or will we repent, humble ourselves and have the Father once more rule and reign.

Our winning this case will be the beginning of pushing back, both moral and civil that covers this country.
– Source: Piecemaker’s Scedule October – December, 2006PDF file

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