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Mungiki Outlawed


The Muniki movement was outlawed in March, 2002:

Attorney-General Amos Wako yesterday ordered police to arrest and prosecute the people who took part in Tuesday’s demonstration organised by the proscribed Mungiki sect.

Wako said Mungiki is among the 18 outlawed organisations and accused the police of negligence in carrying out their duties.

“For the police and law enforcement to stand by and witness offences being committed is a dereliction of their duties,” Wako said.

He said the Mungiki movement together with 17 others were outlawed on March 15 this year through Legal Notice Number 42 in the Kenya Gazette.

Wako said the Legal Notice means that Mungiki together with 17 others are dangerous to the good government of the Republic of Kenya.

A special issue of the Kenya Gazette supplement number 20 of March 15, 2002, by the Minister of State in the Office of the President in-charge of internal security, Mr Julius Sunkuli, outlawed 18 vigilante groups under section 4(1) (ii) of the Societies Act.

The groups were named as Mungiki, Jeshi la Mzee, Jeshi la Embakasi, Jeshi la King’ole, Baghdad boys, Chinkororo, Amachuma, Banyamulenge, Talibans, Dallas Muslim youth, Runyenjes Football club, Kaya Bombo youth, Sakina youth, Charo Shutu, Kuzacha, Kamjeshi, Jeshi la Nazir and Kosovo boys.

Yesterday, Wako said: “In law the said societies became unlawful, consequently, criminal offences are committed by any person who manages or assists the management of the said unlawful societies,” said Wako.

“Any person who is a member, or attends or allows a meeting of the said unlawful societies, incites or assists such proscribed societies to engage in any activity is committing an offence,” he added.
– Source: A-G Orders Arrest of Mungiki Followers, East African Standard, Aug. 22, 2002

However, the gang still exists and continues to engage in criminal behavior.

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