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Many entries in Apologetics Index include a link to pertinent news archives at Religion News Blog.

Religion News Blog (RNB) is published by Apologetics Index as a service to religion professionals, academics, students, authors, law enforcement officials, legal professionals, theologicians, cult experts and other researchers. RNB presents a studied, expert-selected cross section of news about world religions, cults, religious sects, and related issues (e.g. ethics, human rights issues and – wait for it – a collection of offbeat religion-related items).

The publishers of Apologetics Index have been tracking such items since long before the creation of the World Wide Web. Our first online publication was the “Christian Ministry Report,” back in the days of dial-in Bulletin Boards running on 300-baud modems (if that’s Greek to you just know that it was s-l-o-w).

When we first started publishing Religion News Blog, the site ran on something called ‘Greymatter.’ It, too, was slow. We then moved up to a highly customized version of the B2 Blogging software – the pre-cursor to WordPress, which currently is one of the most popular blogging publishing platforms.

Last week Ruud Hein, the tech wizard on the Apologetics Index team, succeeded in switching RNB’s software to the most current version of WordPress. The move came off without a hitch, owing to Ruud’s technical skills.

The switch brings signicant benefits to the users of Religion News Blog, as well as to its publishers.

For instance, we now provide separate RSS news feeds for each topic covered.

Try these examples: Exclusive Brethren, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Scientology).

At each of those pages you will also note a listing of the current most-popular items in those topics.

Additional user features will be introduced soon.

We’re also working on a faster search feature.

Thanks for using Apologetics Index and Religion News Blog.

Stay aware and informed!

Meanwhile, should you need help with your own website – from programming to SEO (Search Engine Optimalization), contact Ruud Hein at RuudHein.com

The Apologetics Index Team

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First published (or major update) on Sunday, September 24, 2006.
Last updated on July 07, 2024.

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