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Christian Creciendo en Gracia Interviews Translated by David Mendez from Spanish-language videos posted at YouTube.com
Secular Jesus Redux Miami New Times. Excellent overview.
Christian Messiah wars -another Jesus has come again! by Mike Oppenheimer
Christian Ministerios Creciendo en Gracia y sus Extrañas DoctrinasPDF file [Spanish] By Ricardo Becerra of Centro de Investigaciones Religiosas.
Secular This Man Thinks He’s Jesus H. Christ! And a lot of people agree with him Keith Plocek, Houston Press, Nov. 30, 2006

It’s easy to see why people have embraced the gospel of De Jesús.

His followers are constantly told how good they are, how other religions have falsely categorized them as sinners. The ministry has a very open attitude toward homosexuality, for example.

“That’s personal, between you and yourself,” says De Jesús. “I don’t reject people like that.”

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Much like Joel Osteen, De Jesús preaches prosperity, even if he does criticize the Lakewood pastor for not using enough of the Bible. (“He’s a great motivator, but he’s not a preacher,” says De Jesús. “He reads one verse of the Bible and that’s where he ends.”) When it was time to pass the bucket during the Sharpstown fellowship, offerings were referred to as “investments,” and investments they were, since Creciendo en Gracia rarely gives back to the community and spends most of its money on outreach.

If you’re wondering how this jibes with Christ’s recurring message that we should help the poor, you’re stuck in pre-cross thinking. According to the gospel of De Jesús, everything Jesus of Nazareth said or did before the cross was only said and done as a means to an end, which was the end of sin. And once that end was achieved, nothing before it really mattered.

“Say someone comes here and kills my wife,” says De Jesús. “I’m supposed to turn the other cheek? Maybe, or maybe I kill him back.”

Be happy, say goodbye to guilt, only worry about yourself — it’s a message that’s easy to swallow. But it can also be a little dangerous.

Christian Who is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda? Is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda the antichrist? article at GotQuestions.org

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is a false Messiah and a heretic. He claims to be the second coming of Jesus Christ despite the preponderance of Biblical evidence that belies his claim of divinity. His teachings are heretical in the sense that, far from leading people into a life of greater holiness and righteousness, seem more likely to lead people to a life of licentiousness and debauchery (no sin + no law + no hell = no consequences for my actions). Finally, look at the life of the man. He is a former drug addict and convict. Now, anyone can be saved from their sin and become a Christian, but would Jesus Christ “integrate” Himself with one such as this? How about his lifestyle? He lives well beyond his means off of the “generosity” of his followers. Would Jesus do that? Jesus lived the life of a peasant with “no place to lay His head”–He took advantage of no one. The Bible tells us to “beware of false prophets.” Concerning them we “will recognize them by their fruits.” Judge Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda by his fruit and it becomes abundantly clear that he is not “Jesus Christ Man.”

With that in mind, the next question arises — is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda the antichrist? While it is possible that Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is the antichrist predicted in Scripture, and the recent “666” tattoo lends credence to this possibility – it is unlikely that Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is the antichrist. The antichrist will be a world leader, a Satanically-empowered dictator, a man that enraptures people with his very presence. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is not such a man…at least not yet. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is nothing more than a charismatic cult leader, a charlatan, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and simply yet another in a long line of false prophets and false messiahs. He is an antichrist, not THE antichrist.


Secular Video shorts of Growing in Grace/Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Posted at YouTube. English and Spanish. Includes promotional videos and news reports.

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