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John Weldon

John Weldon (Feb. 6, 1948 – Aug. 30, 2014) was Christian apologist.

He authored and co-authored over 75 books, including Protestants and Catholics: Do They Now Agree?Off-site Link , The Facts of the Mormon ChurchOff-site Link , the Encyclopedia of New Age BeliefsOff-site Link and the Encyclopedia of Cults & New ReligionsOff-site Link.
John Weldon
The latter became to subject of a rather silly lawsuit filed by ‘The Local Church‘ — a cult of Christianity — which objected to its inclusion in the Encyclopedia.

In their lawsuit, The Local Church claimed that the Encyclopedia of Cults and New Religions accused the movement of criminal and immoral conduct. The courts found that this was not the case.

The local Church eventually lost its six-year, $136 million legal battle against Harvest House Publishers and authors John Ankerberg and John Weldon when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear its appeal of a lower court decision.

It was not the first time the Local Church used legal means to stifle free speech by critics of their movement.

John Weldon was affiliated with The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute.

A statement on the John Ankerberg Show website said

John served for more than 20 years as a researcher for The John Ankerberg Show. During his tenure, he authored or coauthored more than 100 books, including the best-selling Facts On Series of books that has sold more than 2.5 million copies in 16 languages. […]

John’s life and work have touched countless others seeking to grow spiritually and better understand the Bible. His friends describe him as genuine, humble, and passionate to share the hope of eternal life with everyone he met. His work will continue through his many books, his online writings at The John Ankerberg Show website (JAshow.org), as well as through the many people John has personally influenced through his ministry.

Harvest House, which published more than 65 books authored and co-authored by Weldon, said the author was

exceptionally knowledgeable and yet exceedingly humble,” traits that were “clearly evident in his many written defenses of the Christian faith, in which he spoke God’s truth with love (Eph, 4:15). Even in the face of tremendous opposition–such as when it was necessary to respond to a lengthy and unwarranted lawsuit–he was able to take a strong stand and do it with grace.

John Weldon was a faithful, valued friend of Apologetics Index. His encouragement, cheerful enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge were much appreciated — and his deep love for God and biblical truth was an example.

With fond memories,

Janet and Anton Hein

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