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Catalyst Counselling, a registered charity in the UK, offers “help, assistance and counselling to people who have been damaged by religious groups or abusive relationships” — cults

It also “address other problems that are faith, philosophical or relationship based.”

The charity’s counsellor is Graham Baldwin, a cult expert.

On its website, Catalyst says

Catalyst as an organisation has no religious beliefs or objectives and is willing to work with clients from any religious or ethnic backgrounds, firmly maintaining an individual’s right to believe in whatever they so wish.
– Source: About Catalyst

Even so, as a former university chaplain Baldwin is familiar with cult-related issue from both a sociological and a Christian theological perspective.

The organization defines a cult as a “system that produces unhealthy dependence on the group or leader to the detriment of the members, usually by using unethical methods of manipulation. The damage caused can be medical, social, psychological, professional or financial etc.”

Through its Barnabus Project, Catalyst hopes to be able to establish a residential treatment and retreat centre for people who require help. The center would also be used as a training centre to help counsellors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, and chaplains learn to help those damaged by their involvement with abusive groups.


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