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Mike Warnke was a Christian comic whose allegedly autobiographical book “The Satan Seller” turned out to be a fraud.

In his book Warnke claimed to have been a Satanic high priest. However, those claims were discredited in an investigative report published in 1992 in the Christian magazine Cornerstone.

According to Wikipedia in 1993, Warnke submitted to the authority of an assembly of ministers. The group recommended specific changes to the ministry, including a salary cap and accountability reports.

Still Warnke continued to “stand by [his] testimony of former Satanic involvement.” In a 2000 interview with the Daily Oklahoman he said that, “Exaggeration did creep into some of my stories, but my testimony is still my testimony.”


  • Selling Satan: The Tragic History of Mike Warnke by Jon Trott and Mike Hertenstein, Cornerstone, Vol. 21, Issue 98 (1992)
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  • The Cornerstone Series on Mike Warnke An “investigation into his testimony, with feedback and rebuttal,” Cornerstone
  • Washed Up, Sold Out, and Spreading Hysteria A review of Selling Satan: The Tragic History of Mike Warnke

    The writers uncovered that Warnke had entered college, a secular junior college, September 13, 1965. He entered the Navy on June 2, 1966. During his one semester prior to dropping out, there was hardly enough time for the many adventures Warnke claimed happened. during his drug-addicted drug-dealer/Satanic-cultist turned-high-priest period. These included being shot three times, riding a motorcycle to Mexico to make drug deals for a gangster, imprisoning sex slaves in his apartment, participating in CIA-financed LSD experiments at the college, and kidnapping a variety of victims for his cult’s evil rituals and orchestrating the abduction of others. He described walking around campus dressed in black with pasty white skin, innumerable scabs on his face, waist-length hair, and six-inch-long fingernails, painted black and sharpened for fighting. As ludicrous as this thrill-a-minute college semester sounds, it became even more absurd as Trott and Hertenstein began pinning down the dates even further, based on Warnke’s descriptions of various diabolic ceremonies held under the light of a full moon. The dates fell apart completely.

    Fellow students and college faculty found furrther problems with the story

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