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The Crosswinds Foundation is a US-based Christian apologetics ministry that was established to “assist those who are interested in engaging the cultural shifts that are occuring in our world.”

It is a Christian think-tank on cultural issues.

Dramatic shifts are occurring in many areas of our society due to cultural influences. In fact, these “cultural crosswinds” are impacting our nation’s most important institutions; including: the family, education, government, and matters of faith and spirituality, including the church.

The strength some have to alter beliefs, practices, and values is dramatically evident. Others are more subtle, causing a gradual shift that is not so apparent. To ignore either is comparable to a ship allowing its direction of travel to be changed, rather than taking the action needed to stay on the correct route.

Similarly, the course our Nation was established upon, and guided by — Christian faith, beliefs, and principles — is being battered by “cultural crosswinds”. The Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture was formed as a resource to provide Christians and other interested individuals with the information and training necessary to recover our historic-course by effectively engaging the culture with the message and hope of Jesus Christ.
– Source: Crosswinds Foundation, Mission. Last accessed Wednesday, July 27, 2011 – 4:36 PM CET

The Crosswinds Foundation ministry provides “consulting services, publications, curriculum, and presentations to churches, educators, professional societies, policy makers, civic groups, and other organizations and individuals interested in cultural issues.”

It also offers programs and consultation on issues of race and racial reconciliation.

While “our Nation” in its mission statement refers to America, the ministry also has international in Romania and Thailand.


CrossingCurrents, the newsletter of the Crosswinds Foundation, includes feature articles on topics of cultural interest, news stories of cultural interest, cultural trends and statistics, and letters from readers.

Crosswinds Foundation Contact Information

Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture
P.O. Box 12143
Birmingham, AL 35202

Office Phone: 205-327-8317
Email: info@crosswindsfoundation.org


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  1. Crosswinds Foundation
  2. Bob Waldrep

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