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  • Doubt, secrecy circle Followers of Christ “Insiders say some in the faith-healing church see doctors clandestinely and are irked by the lack of a preacher.” By Mark Larabee, The Oregonian, June 28, 1998
  • Holy Orders “One man relied on faith healing and lost his sons. Now he’s fighting the law that protected him.” By Justin Bishop


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  • Child Abuse in Idaho – Deadly & Legal This site includes news and articles, background information and many other research resources.

    More children die because of faith-based medical neglect in Idaho than in any other state. The combination of Idaho’s terrible laws and several congregations with religious beliefs against medical care has cost the lives of hundreds of children. Only eight other states have a statutory religious exemption from manslaughter or negligent homicide of a child.

    The main sect in Idaho with beliefs against medical care is the Followers of Christ. Others are the Church of the Firstborn and the Christian Science Church. The Followers and Firstborners have similar historical roots and congregations in Oregon who have also lost children because of medical neglect. After Oregon repealed its religious exemptions in 2011, some Oregon Followers have reportedly moved to the safe haven of Idaho where faith-based medical neglect of children is legal.
    – Source: Child faith deaths in Idaho. Links added.

  • Does Air Exist? “An insider’s look into the notorious Followers of Christ church in Oregon City,” by Suzi Shumaker. Shumaker was “born into the Followers of Christ Church in 1973 and was an active member until 1994.”


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