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While the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, unlike many other websites that deal with the issues we address, many topics on this site include links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources, presented from neutral, pro, and contra viewpoints.

Note: A simple color-coding system is used to help you identify the general background of sites, articles and other listings.

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Secular The ABC Informercial for John of God by James Randi
Secular Faith Healer? Fraud! at The Millenium Project
Secular John of God Entry in the Skeptic’s Dictionary

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Non-Christian The Amazing Cures of a Brazilian Miracle Man Excerpt from the book, The Miracle Man, by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich.


Non-Christian The Miracle Man by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich. At one of his web sites,, the author states that the book was written at João Teixeira’s request. Pellegrino-Estrich provides ‘ground support’ at John of God’s facilities in Brazil:

Using Robert’s ground assistance takes the worry out of your stay, ensuring you get the best possible result from your visit to João de Deus. Robert takes care of ground transport, food and accommodation, translations from/to Portuguese on your behalf and calls on his nine years of experience at the “casa” to guide and support you during your healing process.
– Source: Going to Abadiania

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Non-Christian Web site by one of several mediums who work with John of God
Non-Christian Web site operated by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, author of the book, “The Miracle Man.”


  1. John of God / Joao de deus
  2. John of God / Joao de Deus - Beliefs
  3. John of God - Research Resources

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