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Greetings! Jacob de Vries here with an update of what’s new at Apologetics Index and its related family of websites.

The Pollux

It’s 27°C (81°F) in Amsterdam and I’m posting this update from aboard The Pollux — a floating café and restaurant anchored in the harbor of Amsterdam — where some the Apologetics Index team members met for lunch.

RNB Quick Takes — Religion News in Brief

Over at Religion News Blog we have introduced a new, front-page column titled ‘RNB Quick Takes.”

This Religion News in Brief section includes links to off-site news articles and related religion information resources.

Items posted may include anything from quotes and summaries to statements of opinion — as well as pointers to a variety of resources — including books, forums and websites.

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Each post includes a link to the source of the original news item.

Most items in RNB Quick Takes are also included in the archives for their relevant categories (e.g. blurbs about Islam can be found in the Islam news category).

Apologetics Index Updates

We are continually — well, time-permitting — updating and adding links within Apologetics Index. Lord-willing in September this year our website will see its fourteenth birthday. Over the years lots of posted links to articles, discussion forums and websites have changed. Some have merely moved to a new address, but other resources have disappeared.

We try our best to update our entries with new information, additional research resources, or address changes.

Often articles and websites that have disappeared from their original locations can be found in the Internet Archive.

When necessary we link to those archived versions of articles and websites. For instance we just updated some links at our page of information on Landmark / Landmark Forum to point there.

Note that at times these items may take a while to load — and occasionally they time out all together. In that case please try again later.


  • In our section of research resources on Yoga we have added a website called ‘Dangers of Yoga.’ The website “presents the side effects of yoga, meditation, transcendental meditation and qi gong. It also presents a record of these practices in schools: Who are the promoters and those who are opposed.”
  • “Personal testimonies are a powerful way to share what Jesus Christ has done in your life. They are also an especially important part of religious communication in Mormon culture. If you are an ex-Mormon who has come to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, we would love to consider including your testimony on ExMormonsTestify.com.” That link has been added to our page of resources on Mormonism.
  • In the Religion and Science section we’ve added a link to the fascinating Eye Design site, which “states an opinion on intelligent design that it is very controversial to some people. It is up to the reader to evaluate the evidence and decide. It is designed to express an intelligent design opinion by looking at the design of eyes. It uses support material from a wide variety of sources for that purpose.”

    Should be of interest to those involved in discussion on creationism, evolution and intelligent design.

  • In The Gospel for Shame Cultures, Bruce Thomas writes, “While my Muslim friends and neighbors do not worry much about “little sins” like lying and cheating, their daily lives and religious rituals seem to revolve around something which I would consider to be even less significant, namely their ceremonial purity. The intensity of this insecurity has caused me to consider that defilement might be a basic human problem as serious to some as sin is to others.” The article has been added to our Islam resources section.

We’re always open to hearing about new resources on topics covered by Apologetics Index. Feel free to contact us here.

Jacob de Vries,
Apologetics Index

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