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FAQ: Why does Apologetics Index not include […insert name/topic…]

We often receive questions like the ones in this compilation:


I can not find any information about pastor [so-and-so], the church down the street from my home, and a ministry called [such-and-such] listed in Apologetics Index.

I’m flabbergasted that you do not have an entry on so-called ‘prophet’ [ABC]. Why not? Do you agree with his teachings?


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If your “favorite heretic”, abusive church or offbeat doctrine isn’t listed, don’t despair.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not interested or concerned. It’s just that there are only so many hours in the day. What we have online is but a fraction of the material we want to make available over time. But keep in mind that Apologetics Index is not part of a big, well-funded organization with lots of staff members. Rather it is operated on a shoe-string budget by a small team of private individuals who, for the most part, also have regular jobs.

We add and update entries as time and energy permit.

At the same time some listings are not included on purposes. For instance, we’re not into conspiracy theories, we don’t see a “demon behind every bush,” and we don’t get involved with gossip.

That said, we are always open for suggestions regarding new topics or resources. You can contact Apologetics Index here.

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