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Church of the Lamb of God was a polygamous sect of the Mormon Church. It was founded by Ervil LeBaron, who considered himself to be a prophet.

In the 1970s, Ervil LeBaron was put in prison after he was convicted of ordering the murder of his brother.

He later wrote a book that would become the group’s bible and decreed that members breaking the sect’s commandments were sentenced to death, according to the FBI.
– Source: Moises Mendoza, Fugitive suspected in slayings nabbed in Honduras, Houston Chronicle, May 13, 2010

In May 2010 the Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron, Ervil’s fugitive daughter, was arrested in Honduras.

LeBaron is wanted by the FBI for a series of murders in the 1980s, carried out based on the “Book of the New Covenant.” It was scriptures that her father wrote while in the Utah State Prison, where he was serving time for murder. However, federal authorities called it a “hit list.”

Ervil LeBaron died in the Utah State Prison in 1981. But in the years following his death, more than two dozen mysterious deaths occurred that ex-members of his Church of the Lamb of God believe are linked to the book, which was smuggled out of the prison.
– Source: Ben Winslow, FBI arrests fugitive daughter of polygamist Ervil LeBaron, Fox 13 News, May 13, 2010


  • Cult Insanity: A Memoir of Polygamy, Prophets, and Blood Atonement by Irene Spencer

    The hard knocks of her environment were just the beginning of Irene’s shocking tale. Insanity ran rampant in her husband’s family and was the source of inconceivable events that unfolded throughout Irene’s adult life.

    Cult Insanity takes readers deeper into her story to uncover the outrageous behavior of her brother-in-law Ervil — a self-proclaimed prophet who determined he was called to set the house of God in order — and how he terrorized their colony. Claiming to be God’s avenger and to have a license to kill in the name of God, Ervil ordered the murders of friends and family members, eliminating all those who challenged his authority.
    – Source: Description at Amazon.com

  • Prophet of Blood: The Untold Story of Ervil Lebaron and the Lambs of God by Ben Bradlee

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