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This website, Apologetics Index, uses several domain names and web addresses — including countercult.com.

Our main domain name is apologeticsindex.org. In the distant past, Apologetics Index was hosted by Gospel Communications International, then at Gospelcom.net. Gospelcom ceased operations in December, 2008. The domain name now points at the BibleGateway. You can still find old Apologetics Index URLs from our time at Gospelcom. Those old internet addresses — that include gospelcom.net/apologeticsindex/ — currently forward to apologeticsindex.org.

Since October, 2000, Apologetics Index has also used the domain name countercult.com,
a) because it describes part of our ministry, and
b) because it is easier to remember (and easier to share in conversations).

Note: in the past the name countercult.com has also been used by Douglas Cowan for his site, Ports of Entry – The Web Office of Douglas E. Cowan, Ph.D.

Originally, Mr. Cowan’s site was titled, “Christian Countercult.com.”‘ That was later changed to ”Christian Countercult.org,” and later still to “Ports of Entry.” However, some pages at his site were long still titled “Countercult.com.”

Counter-cult (or ‘Countercult’) organizations and individuals usually oppose cults for religious/doctrinal reasons — which distinguishes them from the Anti-cult movement. While Mr. Cowan at the time researched countercult organizations and individuals, his approach and website clearly had no affinity with the countercult cause.

Apologetics Index owns the domain name, countercult.com, which points to the Apologetics Index site. Apologetics Index has no connection whatsoever to Douglas Cowan and/or his website, and Mr. Cowan is not authorized to use the ”Countercult.com” name.

By the way, countercult.org also points to this website.

Questions? You’re welcome to contact us.

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