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The tagline of Daniel Fischelli’s Apologia Christi blog says:

Discover & Promote Truth, Denounce Relativism, Tear-down Political Correctness, Protect and Defend Unborn Humans and commit to living according to classic, biblical Christianity as we, by the grace of God, are able.

Apologia Christi focuses on “the development of the Christian mind”:

Apologia Christi aspires to impact lives through the development of the Christian mind. Aletheia means “truth” in Greek, and accordingly, this webpage seeks to offer various commentaries, critical reviews, reflections, and insights in areas ranging from theology and apologetics to practical living and spiritual formation.. In addition, it serves to provide answers to serious questions which are often challenged to the Christian religion.

Apologia Christi is not limited to solely providing defensive strategies. As Christians, we are encouraged to “take the initiative in making a difference for Christ in extending the Kingdom,” i.e. activism. Both tools worth carrying as an effective ambassador for Jesus Christ. It is our hope for the Christian community to learn this important aspect of influencing culture, friends, and family. – Source: About Apologia Christi Last accessed Jan. 24, 2006

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Some representative posts include:
• Importance of Critical Thinking — Especially for the Christian
• The Fear of Theological Controversy

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