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Update (Jan. 25, 2005): PyroManiac is now PyroManiacs. Here’s why. Bookmark the new location: http://teampyro.blogspot.com/

PyroManiac is a blog by Phil Johnson. The title is in reference to Jeremiah 23:29: “‘Is not my word like a fire?’, says the Lord.”

Plenty of fire here indeed. After all, Phil’s blog addresses “evil ideological strongholds and mischievous doctrinal fads.” Good stuff!

Yes, I know PyroManiac sounds more crude and crazy than those fancy Latin blognames that are currently so popular in the sacramentalist blogosphere.

Everything that rhymes with “og” has already been used, too. And no one–but no one–is more clever than Doug Wilson, anyway. So I quickly wrote off the idea of anything with the word blog in the title.

I was gonna call it “PurpleHaze,” but the association with Rick Warren was simply too much for me.

I finally settled on PyroManiac, because I wanted a graphic header, and this one was simple.

Those with guilty consciences can relax. The blogname has nothing to do with burning heretics or flaming my critics. The verse under the graphic gives a clue about the name’s real significance.

But don’t expect this blog to be one of those where “common ground” and peaceful relations are sought with any and every theological perspective. My conscience is captive to the Word of God. I’ll be trying to do my little part to call down fire from heaven against evil ideological strongholds and mischievous doctrinal fads (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). I won’t back away from getting militant when the topic calls for it. But my targets are ideas, not people. I might step on a few toes; nothing more violent than that against anyone’s person, I promise.

Of course, the whole world has gone postmodern. And the church is clumsily trying to play “me-too.” So don’t be surprised when people act as if they are being tortured whenever an idea they love is even questioned. (I might occasionally even publish a verbal description of a bad idea in its underpants. Then, no doubt, we’ll have an international incident on our hands.) Let the pomos shriek and complain. I’ve opened the comments for that very purpose. – Source: Iuventus stultorum magister

Incidentally, the blog comes with fantastic, one-of-a-kind graphics. A true joy!

Phillip Johnson also operates

  • The Spurgeon Archives: “The Largest Collection of Spurgeon Resources on the World Wide Web”
  • The Hall of Church History
  • Phil’s Bookmarks: “Proudly serving roadkill from the information super highway since 1995.” Among other things, the site includes links sorted under the headings
    • Helpful theology resources
    • Bad theology
    • Really bad theology
    • Really, really bad theology

See also Phil’s essays, Phil’s sermons and more of Phil’s sermons.

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