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Families Against Cults is a Christian countercult ministry. The ministry provides counseling, teaching material, ex-cult support, and seminars.

  • To serve as “Watchmen on the Wall” by continually warning the Church against cult teachings.
  • To strengthen the Church by training the Body of Christ, giving them confidence and competence to share Jesus Christ to those lost in the cults.
  • To counsel those who are leaving the cults, and various non-Christian religions, as well as minister to relatives of those who are still trapped in various cults.
  • To serve as “A BRIDGE” for Ex-Cultists into sound Christian churches in this area. To provide quality distribution of information to alleviate the burden from area pastors.

– Source: About FAC Last accessed Jan. 19, 2006

Dan & Agusta were in the cult of Mormonism for fifteen years and worked in that organization in numerous capacities. Dan held the highest priesthood of Mormonism and served on the “bishopric” for years. Agusta held many positions in the Mormon Church, always in the area of teaching. The Hartings participated in the secret temple rituals.

Since the Lord brought them out of Mormonism in 1981, they have been involved in Christian outreach to those perishing in the cults and the occult.

They have spoken in hundreds of churches of many denominations and have been guests on many TV and radio talk shows, both Christian and secular, in the United States and overseas. The Hartings have counseled hundreds of people and distraught family members involved in the cults and the occult. Dan and Agusta host their own radio show “From Fables to Faith, write regular article for Christian Advocate newspaper and “Love-Trax” Christian magazine. – Source: Our Founders Last accessed Jan. 19, 2006

Contact Information

Telephone Line For Counseling And Communications: (317)844-8055

Families Against Cults Of Indiana, Inc.
P.O. Box 0491
Carmel, Indiana 46082-0491
(317) 844-8055

Web Site

Christian Families Against Cults

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