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The destruction of some 6 million Jews by the Nazis and their followers in Europe between the years 1933-1945. Other individuals and groups were persecuted and suffered grievously during this period, but only the Jews were marked for complete and utter annihilation. The term ”Holocaust” – literally meaning ”a completely burned sacrifice” – tends to suggest a sacrificial connotation to what occurred. The word Shoah, originally a Biblical term meaning widespread disaster, is the modern Hebrew equivalent.
– Source: Holocaust Glossary: Terms, Places, and Personalities Simon Wiesenthal Center, archived page as WayBackMachine.org. Last accessed Jan. 16, 2006

Deniers and Revisionists

Members of hate groups, such as Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other anti-Semitist either

  • deny the Holocaust took place
  • deny the true scope of the Holocaust (revisionism), or
  • express their approval of the Holocaust.

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