Lonnie Frisbee: Homosexuality, Marriage and Mumford

Lonnie Frisbee struggled with homosexuality, but married a woman.

Sadly, there is a tragic element in Lonnie’s life, since he is no longer with us, succumbing to the ravages of the AIDS virus on March 12, 1993. Lonnie Frisbee was very much like Robert Duvall’s character in the movie The Apostle, a man who had the power to inspire others through to a dramatic God encounter, but one whose personal struggles ultimately got the best of him.

Source: Who was Lonnie Frisbee? David Di Sabatino, author of The Jesus People Movement and director of the movie, “Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher”

Frisbee was born and raised in Costa Mesa. His father ran off with a neighborhood woman when Lonnie was young. His brother claims Lonnie was molested by a baby sitter at age eight.

His mother eventually remarried a man with children of his own, but Lonnie did not get along with his stepfather or his blended family. He ran away from home at 15–the same year he and a buddy entered into the underground gay scene in Laguna Beach.

Like a lot of kids searching for meaning, Lonnie tried mysticism and the occult but found them unfulfilling. That led him to the Bible.

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He migrated to San Francisco and soon met up with a merry band of hippie Christians.

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