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Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Zion Full Salvation Ministry

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Theologically a cult of Christianity.
Sociologically this now defunct movement had cult-like characteristics as well.
• Note the differences between the sociological and theological definitions of the term ‘cult’

The Zion Full Salvation Ministry began as part of an inner city Anglican Church in Sydney and was founded by a woman who claimed to have Christ’s Stigmata and to be the embodiment of God on earth.

When Violet Pryor died 16 years later, most of the congregation had been stripped of their finances, investments, families and self-esteem.

Psychological pain, drama, control and secrecy: all were trademarks of Zion. Friend was set against friend, families deliberately broken up, and assets appropriated.
– Source: Surviving 16 years in a destructive cult

The cult had up to 70 followers.

It was disbanded in 1996 after then leader David Ayliffe “and other senior members chose to disband the group due to financial difficulties and the realisation that many of Violet’s prophecies had been false. … David, who now works for the Red Cross, said the experience had not destroyed his faith in God, but had given him the ability to question.” [1]


  • A rare insight into life inside a religious cult Transcript, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Oct. 27, 2009. Reporter, Rebecca Baillie

    Two Australian brothers have written a rare insight into life on the inside, and on the outside, of an extreme religious cult, where the members worshipped a woman who claimed she was god.



  • My Brother’s Eyes [MP3 link on page] Late Night Live, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sep. 24, 2009

    The Zion Full Salvation Ministry operated on the lower North Shore and the Northern Beaches areas of Sydney. For sixteen years, David Ayliffe was a senior member of this destructive cult, run by Violet Pryor. David and his brother, John tell the story of Violet Pryor and her ministry, of losing each other and redeeming their relationship, culminating in the writing of their book, ‘My Brother’s Eyes’.

  • Through my brother’s eyes [YouTube] Talk given by David Ayliffe


  • GoodSects Website operated by David and John Ayliffe


[1] Boronia man reflects on ministry of lies, Adrian Bernecich, Knox Leader, Oct. 30, 2009

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