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Media reports have alternately referred to this group as “1 Mind Ministries” and “One Mind Ministries.”

Four members of this small religious cult are to stand trial in February, 2010, in the murder of Javon Thompson — a 16-month old boy who was allegedly starved to death because he would not say “Amen” at mealtimes.

Ria Ramkissoon: Ramkissoon, called Princess Marie by the group, is the deceased child’s mother. Prosecutors think that she was brainwashed and allowed her to plead guilty to a child-abuse charge.

They also promised her that they would drop the charge if Javon rises from the dead.

“She still believes that’s going to happen,” her attorney, Steven Silverman, said this week. But he said his client will give lucid testimony of life in the rowhouse: “She’s going to give an accurate and detailed account of her time at One Mind Ministries.”
– Source / Full Story: Alleged Baltimore cult members prepare for trial in boy’s death, Dan Morse, Washington Post, Feb. 12, 2010

In addition to the boy’s mother, The Washington Post listed the following defendants and witnesses:

Queen Antoinette: The 41-year-old, also known as Toni Sloan, led One Mind out of a Baltimore rowhouse. She is charged with murder, remains in jail and will represent herself.

When asked during a brief phone conversation how she was doing, she pleasantly said, “Blessed,” reflecting the appeal that drew people to her. Queen Antoinette wanted to discuss her case during an in-person interview, but state prison officials denied a request from The Washington Post to inverview her in jail.

Inside the rowhouse, which had Scriptures on the walls, she led Bible studies, according to court records. One former member, Tiffany Smith, said Queen Antoinette used verses to justify smoking marijuana. Queen Antoinette also became convinced that the young boy, Javon Thompson, had developed a rebellious spirit that needed cleansing, according to court records.

Trevia Williams: The 22-year-old, referred to as Princess Trevia, also is charged with murder, locked in jail and representing herself. She was one of the members who measured the body, according to allegations prosecutors aired at a hearing. She also is accused of following Queen Antoinette’s alleged instructions not to feed Javon.

Marcus Cobbs: The 23-year-old, known as Prince Marcus and facing a murder charge, joined Williams in buying the suitcase, according to prosecutors. His attorney, Maureen Rowland, said that she doesn’t think he was involved with the suitcase and that he wasn’t involved in causing Javon’s death.

After learning of it, Prince Marcus took turns in a prayer vigil at Javon’s bedside that lasted at least a week, Rowland said. “They were convinced Queen could raise the body,” she said.

At one point, members speculated that God was mad about something, Rowland said. But the group also believed that Queen Antoinette could raise Javon later, perhaps in Philadelphia.

Prosecutors tried to reach a plea deal with Cobbs to help their case against Queen Antoinette. To Cobbs, however, she is still the person who healed his ankle when he moved into the rowhouse. “He is very, very protective to Queen,” Rowland said. “He still believes in her.”

She said her client is at peace. “He’s always smiling. He never gets upset,” Rowland said. “I went to see him [in jail] on his birthday. He said, ‘Whenever I get down about being here, I think about Haiti, and how any of those people would want to be here.’ ”

Mystery member: Police charging documents say a confidential source told officers about life inside One Mind Ministries and how Queen Antoinette had become upset with Javon. If the source, who appears to be a former member, testifies, that could bolster prosecutors’ case against Queen Antoinette.
– Source / Full Story: Alleged Baltimore cult members prepare for trial in boy’s death, Dan Morse, Washington Post, Feb. 12, 2010

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