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Conditional prophecies; CRI gets it wrong; Religious freedom vs. ban on cults; and Cold case detective does apologetics

Conditional Prophecies

On her excellent blog, Spirit of Error, Holly Pivec holds the the latest ‘Word of the Lord’ by the ‘Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders’ up to the light.

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has released their “Word of the Lord for 2010.” But don’t hold them to it.

Each January, this group of “prophets” — led by C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs — meets to determine what God has shown them about the new year.

This year’s prophecies — like previous years — are so vague that there would be no way of knowing if they were actually fulfilled. I call them “fortune cookie” prophecies.

But even if they weren’t vague, the ACPE includes so many disclaimers before their prophecies that not one of them would ever have to come to pass — and they could still call themselves “prophets.”

One of their favorite disclaimers is the one I call the “moving calendar” disclaimer. Just because they call it the “Word of the Lord for 2010” doesn’t necessarily mean the prophecies will be fulfilled in 2010, according to the ACPE prophets. Maybe it will be in 2011. Or maybe 2012. Hey, why limit themselves to a single decade?

But this year they have another disclaimer they call “conditional prophecies.”

– Source / Full Story: The “Word of the Lord for 2010” — Maybe, Possibly, It Could Be, Holly Pivec, Spirit of Error, Jan. 27, 2010 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

Holly’s blog, Spirit of Error, is a biblical response to the modern prophets and apostles movement. She notes that “The ACPE members this year include Bill Hamon, Sam Brassfield, Harry Jackson, Rick Ridings, Greg Black, Will Ford, Mike Jacobs, Peter Wagner, Mary Glazier, Sharon Stone, Cindy Jacobs, John Sanford, Beth Alves, Gwen Shaw and Doris Wagner.”

The ‘Word of the Lord for 2010’ was published by Charisma Magazine — a publication with a lengthy track record of support for teachings, teachers and ministries ranging from aberrant to heretical.

We gave the item ‘CRI gets it wrong’ its own page over here

Cult Expert Steve Hassan on Cults and Religious Freedom

A few days ago RT (formerly Russia Today) aired a story about a possible move in Russia to restrict cults: “Russia is considering changing laws that would restrict missionary activity. Officials say the measure is to protect people from damaging cults, but there are serious fears over how it will impact on religious freedom.”

The station also interviewed cult expert Steve Hassan about what makes a cult, what crosses the line between a religion and a cult, and where freedom of religion comes in.

Please Convice Me

Apologetics 315 interviews Jim Wallace of PleaseConvinceMe.com.

“As a cold case detective, Jim brings a unique perspective to his approach to apologetics and a very down-to-earth logical style. In this interview, Jim talks about his approach to the evidence (inference to the best explanation), Tactics and apologetics, debate vs. dialogue, pitfalls to apologists, and more.”

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