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  • A Biblical response to the Ahnsahnghong cult

    The first reason that I believe that Ahnsahnghong was a deceiver is that his teachings directly contradict the teachings of God’s Word.

    According to Ahnsahnghong’s teachings there are many necessary rituals and beliefs which merit salvation. According to this teaching, in order to be saved a person must keep the Jewish Passover as long as they live. Although the next requirement contradicts the first, it is still necessary for salvation according to Ahnsahnghong’s teaching. He said that in order for a person to be saved, a person must follow all the teachings of the Bible.

    Another requirement for salvation that Ahnsahnghong taught was that a person must believe in “Mother God.” They do not believe that God the Father is in fact female, rather the belief is that “Mother God” is another person of the Godhead. A fourth requirement of salvation according to Ahnsahnghong is that a person must keep the Jewish Sabbath day all of their life.

    Standing in intimidating opposition to the teachings of Ahnsahnghong are the words of almighty God! According to God, salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose from the dead. According to the Bible, there is nothing that a person could do to earn his salvation. Even if we were capable of doing good on our own, we could not earn salvation because God in His perfection must deal justly with our sinfulness. This truth is described in Romans chapter three.

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  • WMSCOG: Controversial Doomsday Group Escalates Recruitment Efforts and Files Lawsuit Against Internet Critics by cult expert Steve Hassan.

    According to former long-term members I have spoken with, they use deception and heavy pressure influence techniques. And, like most groups which employ Behavior, Information, Thought and Emotional control (my BITE model), family and friends report witnessing radical personality changes in people who get involved with WMSCOG. People report marriages being disrupted and broken up, close family relationships and friendships cast aside if people do not choose to become involved and members are not successful in recruiting everyone else they know.

    So, in December of 2011, the World Mission Society Church of God, A New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation, filed a lawsuit against internet critics alleging defamation, trade libel, and civil conspiracy in connection with the website Defendants in the lawsuit say the purpose of the website is to provide the public with information about the group. Former WMSCOG members and families of current members, have recently come forward on the site to talk about their experiences and concerns about the group.


  • Encountering The Cult of Ahnsahnghong Highly recommended.

    In the spring of 2008 my sister started telling me about the new church she was attending.  She was very excited about it, but soon things started sounding… not quite right.  I came to find out that this new church was the World Mission Society Church of God, who considers it’s founder Ahnsahnghong as God, the second coming of Jesus Christ, even though he died in 1985.  (Sometimes his name is spelled Ahnsanghong, or Ahn Sahng Hong, or Ahn Sang Hong.)  Their current leader is a Korean woman they call Heavenly Mother Jerusalem (a second “God”), and members may go visit (worship) her in Korea.  Many call this group a cult.

    Since discovering what this church is really about, I have been doing what I can to help my sister and to help others who are dealing with this group, especially through Bible study and apologetics.  It’s important for us to be well informed and understand the church’s teachings and methods.  I set up this blog to share my personal Bible studies and research regarding the WMSCOG’s doctrine. […]

    All of my information about the WMSCOG comes from their own official church websites, from reading one of Ahnsahnghong’s books, and from direct conversations (in person and online) with my sister and other church members, ex-members, and families/friends of members.
    – Source: About Me

  • Ward Words: Cult Blog post + responses.

    Almost three weeks ago I was hit up by a cult. They are called the World Mission Society Church of God. Two women (in their late 20s I’d say) came to the door and whipped out a Bible and asked a couple of questions like “Do you know why you worship on Sundays?” I thought they were just trying to get me to come to their church and was preparing to send them on their way when the main talker of the two said that Jesus has already come a second time, was born in 1918 in Korea, and that it was prophesied in the Bible. […] Here is the gist of what they were saying:

    1 Jesus’s sacrifice took place on the night before his crucifixion, where he offered bread as his body and wine as his blood at the Last Supper. He only was killed to fulfill prophesy.

    2 Because Jesus said “Do this in remembrance of me,” we should only take communion once a year. We are sinning otherwise. Her justification for this was her asking me how often I remembered by birthday. I said all year. Then she said, yeah, but you only do something in remembrance of it once a year.

    3 Worship on Sunday is sin. Constantine, a former pagan, made Sunday the day of worship in honor of his sun god. Jesus taught on Saturdays, the true Sabbath. This Sunday worship is sin was a big sticking point for them, with lots and lots of verses she used to support her point.

    4 In Mark 13:28, it says “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When her branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is near.” She said that the fig tree is always a symbol of Israel. When Israel was restablished in 1948, that the “fig tree” was blooming. This is when the second coming of Christ began his ministry (at 30 years old).

    5 Ahnsahnghong is the name of Christ the second go-round. They even pray in his name.



Web sites

NOTE: The World Mission Society Church of God and/or its adherents post many blogs, web sites and YouTube videos connecting the church’s name with the term ‘cult’ or ‘heresy’ — only to then try and show why it should not be considered as such. That’s fair enough, but it would be more honest if the intentions (and source of information) was made more clear from the outset.

Just so there is no misunderstanding: At Apologetics Index we consider the World Mission Society Church of God to be theologically a cult of Christianity due to its heretical teachings.

  • Examining the World Mission Society Church of God Highly recommended.

    I have a difference of opinion with the WMSCOG. I believe that they misinterpret many verses in the Bible.  I also believe that these misinterpretations are very easy to find. If you are in the WMSCOG, please do not let these words offend you, for they are not meant to give offense.  My goal is merely to make an honest inquiry through study, and to have an open dialog like you would in any academic setting. I am asking current WMSCOG members to set the record straight and to show where my arguments are incorrect by commenting on them. […]

    This site is a collection of counter-arguments to things I have heard from WSMCOG members, and read in WMSCOG sermons from their official web site.– Source: Mission

  • World Mission Society Church of God Official web site. Note: considered to be, theologically, a cult of Christianity. This movement employs various web sites and blogs.

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