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Y2K = Year 2000. Also known as the "Millenium Bug."

The "Y2K Problem" is that computers were orginally designed to recognize a year by its last two digits only. They see 1998 simply as 98. This means that at midnight of December 31, 1999, many computers that have not yet had their hardware and/or software adapted, will think see the new year as 01/01/00 - or January 1, 1900.

All date-sensitive computer hardware and software that has not been made Y2K-ready will be affected. This could lead to problems ranging from silly to serious. A computer that "thinks" it is the year 1900, may not recognize the Personal Information Manager installed in 1998. Your bank may subtract 100 years of interest. The supermarket may run out of your favorite soda, because the supplier's computer system thinks the next delivery is due on in 100 years. Some flightcontrol equipment may fail...

While the problem is serious, some go overboard by not just crying "wolf," but also predicting wide-spread panic, economic turmoil, and even the end of the world. (It doesn't help that the problem coincincides with the end of the millenium). A number of people quite literally are heading for cabins in the hills, where they are stockpiling food supplies as well as weapons to defend their wares... Others are, of course, making a fast buck by holding seminars (come Jan. 1st, 2000, the latter may also want to go into hiding...)

For details and news articles, see End Time
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Non-Christian Yahweh Ben Yahweh

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Yamagishi Association

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Yogananda, Pramahansa

- Quotes -

[God] sees your good and evil thoughts and actions but they do not matter to him.
Paramahansa Yogananda, Man's Eternal Quest, Los Angeles, CA: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1975. p332
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Yogic Flying

See Transcendental Meditation. Yogic flying is an activity which ultimately is said to lead to levitating...

[The Maharishi's] plan goes like this: He will build 3,000 "Peace Palaces" around the world, including one somewhere near Washington. In each palace, hundreds of his followers will be engaged full time in "yogic flying" -- an advanced version of Transcendental Meditation in which the meditators sort of hop around the room while sitting cross-legged. This practice, he says, sends out powerful positive vibrations that reduce stress, crime and violence. With hundreds of people doing yogic flying in 3,000 different places, peace will break out all over.

Last fall, after the events of Sept. 11, the maharishi announced that if some government gave him a billion dollars, he would end terrorism and create peace by hiring 40,000 yogic fliers to start hopping full time. No government took him up on the offer, which clearly irks him.

"I'm not going to waste my time convincing governments," he said yesterday. "I'm going to create these groups that will create coherency in every country."

When government money failed to materialize, the maharishi decided to fund his project through bonds issued by the Global Country of World Peace, which he founded last year as a virtual nation without any actual land.
Source: Taking a Yogic Flier on 'Peace Bonds', Washington Post, Aug. 29, 2002
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Non-Christian Yoneq

Leads the Twelve Tribes. Refers to himself as "Super Apostle."
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Young, Robert Vaughn

To those who don't know me, I was in Scientology for about 21 years. Until Jesse Prince stepped forward, I was the highest-ranking Scientology executive to speak about the organization without its approval. I served in and saw virtually every echelon of the organization, from a franchise where I started in 1969 to working directly with David Miscavige. About 18 of those years was spent in or senior to Dept. 20 (now called the Office the Special Affairs or OSA), the section that deals with the ''enemies'' of the organization, which comes to mean anyone who disagrees with or criticizes any aspect of Scientology, Hubbard or ''management.'' Thus it is Dept. 20 (and now also RTC) that deals with the media, the courts, government agencies, critics and ARS itself.

... on the religiosity of Scientology, I testified about my own role in creating the ''religious image'' that ranged from the programs that Dept. 20 had back in the early 70s (during the FDA trial) to do everything possible to make Scientology appear to be a religion, e.g., get crosses up, find a room and create a chapel, start ''Sunday Services,'' get the org listed in the phone book under ''churches'' etc.

I also testified how I had obtained ''religious recognition'' for Scientology from the Labor and State Departments. (More on this in a moment.)

When it came to offering my opinion, I said that I don't consider Scientology to be a ''religion'' because it wasn't being conducted as such in good faith. [...more...]

- Articles -
Secular Hello & Goodbye from Robert Vaughn Young by Robert Vaughn Young
Secular A Note To Those In Dept 20/RTC Who Want To Leave By Robert Vaughn Young
Secular Towards A New Model Of ''Cult Control'' by Robert Vaugh Young
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Youngsang Church

Youngsang is Korean for "Everlasting Life."

South Korean doomsday cult. Woo Jong-min, the cult's leader, was among seven members who committed suicide in October 1998.

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Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

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