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The Way International

Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity The Way International

Victor Paul Wierwille


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Due to its unbiblical teachings on the key doctrines of Christianity, The Way International is, theologically, a cult of Christianity

The Way, International headquartered in New Knoxville, Ohio, was founded by Victor Paul Wierwille, who was a devout anti-trinitarian. This organization teaches that Jesus Christ is not Eternal and did not exist before the creation of the world.

In His book, Jesus Christ Is Not God Wierwille teaches: "We, as well as Jesus Christ, were with God in His foreknowledge, but not in existence, before the world began. Neither did Jesus Christ" (pp. 31-32). Wierwille teaches that Jesus did not exist except in the mind of God before conception in Mary's womb, and was at that time "Jesus Christ the Son of God, was made by God" (Ibid, pp. 103-04).

The Jesus of the Way becomes nothing more than a miraculously conceived sinless man. He was not God in the flesh but only a very special man who became "God's Son" as a result of divine genetic engineering.
Source: James Walker, The Jesus of The Way Internationaloffsite, article on the Watchman Fellowship site
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The Way International
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