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Consumer Alert: WISE - World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

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Non-ChristianHategroup WISE - World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

Scientology front group

Note: This page/site is not affiliated with any Scientology entity.


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WISE = World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, a Scientology business association. One of many Scientology front organizations. Some affiliated companies do not disclose their membership in this organization, even when asked.

According to Wise's web site, it is a not-for-profit organisation whose members believe the ''same administrative policies used to expand Scientology organisations may also be used to expand any organisation''.
Firms wise up to Scientology, People Management (England), Aug. 28, 2001

- Articles -
Secular About World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)offsite A critical look at this Scientology front-group.
Secular Scientology und die Wirtschaftoffsite (German-language only) Collection of articles by Scientology critic Ingo Heinemann, regarding WISE and companies that operate according to Scientology's methods.
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Non-Christian WISEoffsite (Official site) Caution: Scientology front group. Included here for research purposes only.
Secular WISE Directory 1997offsite (Contra) ''If You Don't Want Scientology - You Don't Want WISE''
Secular WISE Directory 1999offsite (Contra)
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Consumer Alert: WISE - World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
First posted: May 12, 1998
Last Updated: Sep. 1, 2001
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