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A ’stub’ is an entry which, when first added to Apologetics Index, we considered too short and/or too incomplete to highlight on the front page (and in the articles RSS feed).

These stubs nevertheless provide researchers with useful information.

In addition stubs make it easier for us to add resources on the fly.

Islamic State (IS), ISIS, ISIL

A group of Muslim extremists operating in the Middle East claims to have set up a caliphate called the “Islamic State.” The vast majority of Muslims around the world have rejected this group of jihadists, pointing out that is is nether Islamic, nor a state. Muslim clerics have said that members of the group know little or nothing about Islam, and that the group’s barbaric actions run counter to true Islam. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) The …

Santos Malandros

This article is a stub. More resources may be added over time. Santos Malandros is Spanish for “Holy Thugs.” The Associated Press says These mystical figures are part of the two-century-old cult tradition known as Maria Lionza, the Venezuelan variation of Santeria — the faith that began in Cuba when African slaves blended Yoruba spiritual beliefs with Roman Catholic traditions. It’s named for a beautiful Indian woman from the western state of Yaracuay who is considered to preside over various …

Charismatic Movement

This article is a stub. More resources may be added over time. The term Charismatic refers to Persons, churches, movements, etc., affirming the belief that speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit that may and should be manifested in the church today. These persons, churches, and movements are generally part of institutions and denominations that did not originate out of the original Pentecostal movement. – Source: Definition from: A Biblical Guide To Orthodoxy And Heresy Part One: …


Research resources on Fatah, a major Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

Daniel Hoover group

The Daniel Hoover group is descended from the Reidenbach Mennonites. The Reidenbachs, nicknamed the "Thirty-fivers" after the initial number of dissenters, split from the Groffdale Conference (Wenger Mennonite Church) in 1946 because they did not want their young men taking part in Civilian Public Service programs as an alternative to military duty. Another major division took place in 1977 when a new generation of separatists renounced propane gas and motorized farm machinery.

Evolutionary Enlightenment

Evolutionary Enlightenment is a spiritual term used to marry mystical teachings about Enlightenment from the Eastern wisdom traditions with a Western scientific understanding of cosmic and cultural evolution. In contemporary culture, it is associated with the work of Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext, and Ken Wilber, the leading figure in the Integral movement.