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Thoughts on Charles Finney

Getting the straight story on Charles Finney can be difficult. I believe those who dislike his theology inaccurately dismiss his ministry and I think those who like his revival ministry tend to whitewash his theology. I am persuaded that Finney's revival ministry was more effective than his theological foes claim and I am convinced his theology was more aberrant than some fans of his ministry try to assert.

The Modern Chinese Revival

By David Kowalski I have devoted a good deal of time to studying revivals and I think most Christians don’t realize we are living in the time of history’s greatest one. Sadly, for those of us in the West, we are not participants. We also seem oblivious to the nearly countless lessons we can learn from that revival. When the communists prevailed in China, they expelled all foreign missionaries — including the Americans (how could the Christians survive without us?). …