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The Perils of Positive Thinking

Has your favorite pastor or TV evangelist suggested that God will make you rich if only you make a 'positive confession' along with a big -- step-out-in-faith -- donation? Have you ever been asked to think of your layoff, cancer, or foreclosure as an “opportunity”? Here's a book that explodes the myths of 'positive thinking.

How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America

"Positive thinking is not only a water carrier for the business world, excusing its excesses and masking its follies," Barbara Ehrenreich writes. "The promotion of positive thinking has become a minor industry in its own right, producing an endless flow of books, DVDs, and other products; providing employment for tens of thousands of "life coaches," "executive coaches," and motivational speakers, as well as for the growing cadre of professional psychologists who seek to train them. America has historically offered space …