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John Hagee on Salvation for the Jews

In precise and deliberate language, flavored with a rich, deep Texas drawl, he asserted that a growing majority of evangelical leaders do not preach "replacement theology, which teaches that the Church has replaced Israel" and the Jews "have no future in the plan of God." The vast majority of evangelicals, rather, teach that "the Christians have a Bible mandate to be supportive of Israel and the Jewish people without a hidden agenda." True to that interpretation, Hagee said, "I do …

John Hagee

Pastor John Hagee built a tiny congregation into a megachurch, attracting a nationwide audience through his international radio and television ministry. His Cornerstone Church boasts a 5,000-seat sanctuary, the largest in San Antonio, Texas. The Christian Research Institute panned Hagee’s 1996 book, Beginning of the End, not only for its premise that Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination triggered prophetic events and set the prophetic clock ticking somehow but because he falsely predicted that Shimon Peres would succeed Rabin.