Cult Experts Archive

Catalyst Counselling

Catalyst Counselling, a registered charity in the UK, offers “help, assistance and counselling to people who have been damaged by religious groups or abusive relationships” — cults It also “address other problems that are faith, philosophical or relationship based.” The …

What is a cult?

The term ‘cult’ has a precise definition — or rather, several precise definitions. Which definition is the right one largely depends on the context in which the term ‘cult’ is applied.

International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

International Cultic Studies Association ICSA is an interdisciplinary network of academicians, professionals, former group members, and families who study and educate the public about social-psychological influence and control, authoritarianism, and zealotry in cultic groups, alternative movements, and other environments.

David Clark

David Clark, is a professional Thought Reform Consultant, a court certified cult expert, and a Christian counter-cult apologist. Former cult member of the “Church of the Living Word”, also known as “The Walk” between 1972 – 1974. Attended Reformed Episcopal …

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