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Apologia Report now free

Subscriptions to the research journal Apologia Report -- which summarizes and reviews numerous magazines, journals, books and news publication to identify the most valuable resources to aid Christians in their study of other worldviews -- are now available free of charge.

University Bible Fellowship (UBF)

We have seen nothing that suggests University Bible Fellowship's teachings and practices should not -- at the very least -- be cause of concern for Christians. In our opinion, the UBF is an unhealthy organization whose teachings and practices provide a breeding ground for spiritual elitism and spiritual abuse.

How Muslims Compare With Other Religious Americans

The Pew Forum: Although Muslims constitute a small minority in the United States, and their holy book and many of their religious rituals are distinctly their own, Muslim Americans are by no means "the other" when it comes to religious life or politics in the United States. In many ways, they stand out not so much for their differences as for their similarities with other religious groups.