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Atlantis / The Screamers

In 1974 on Innisfree, off the coast of Donegal, Ireland, a group of free thinkers formed a community called the Atlantis Foundation. Their goals were simple: to live in harmony with their environment and in peace with each other.

Apologia Christi

The tagline of Daniel Fischelli’s Apologia Christi blog says: Discover & Promote Truth, Denounce Relativism, Tear-down Political Correctness, Protect and Defend Unborn Humans and commit to living according to classic, biblical Christianity as we, by the grace of God, are able. Apologia Christi focuses on “the development of the Christian mind”: Apologia Christi aspires to impact lives through the development of the Christian mind. Aletheia means “truth” in Greek, and accordingly, this webpage seeks to offer various commentaries, critical reviews, …