Ronald Enroth Archive

Dr. Ronald Enroth

Dr. Ronald Enroth, Professor of Sociology at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, is a recognized Evangelical Christian authority on the subject of cults, new religious movements, and abusive churches.

Appendix: Issues in Recovery

Many themes and issues have emerged from these stories of people recovering from churches that abuse. These are often more implicit than explicit.

Thinking through these issues in the following terms may be helpful to victims of abuse and …

Epilogue: Can Churches Change?

The testimony of Recovering From Churches That Abuse is that battered believers can recover. But is rehabilitation possible for churches that abuse? Can a spiritually abusive system be changed? The answer is yes, even though in reality many churches do …

Chapter 1: Searching for Freedom

What aspects of authoritarian churches are hurtful? What happens to members when they decide to leave or are dismissed? Are they likely to end up in another abusive situation, or are they able to find a "normal" church? What about …

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