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Faith Misguided: Exposing the Dangers of Mysticism

The publishers of Apologetics Index have received permission from Moody Publishers to post online a chapter from the book, Faith Misguided: Exposing the Dangers of Mysticism, by Arthur L. Johnson.

The book, first published in 1988, is currently out of print. However, its content continues to be of interest to Christians who wish to understand not just today's religious and spiritual trends outside of the Church -- but also certain teachings and practices that have been introduced …

Faith Misguided: Introduction

An Age of Religious Confusion If we were seeking an appropriate label to describe the religious scene in the last three decades of the twentieth century, we would do well to consider it “the age of confusion.” There are many different religions in the Western world, each seeking adherents. They range from traditional Christian groups to oriental religions, from spiritist and occult movements to more traditional Western cults. Within each of these there is a confusion of voices, each claiming …

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