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The Doctrine of the Trinity

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As this doctrine is believed on the one hand or challenged on the other, Christian life is found to be affected at its roots and over all its extent. Every doctrine is run up to it; every privilege and duty hangs on it... However a man may begin his career of error, the general issue is that the doctrine of the Trinity, proving an unexpected check or insurmountable obstacle in the carrying out of his opinions, has to be modified or pushed aside; and he comes to be against the Trinity because he has found it was against him.
George Smeaton, The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Carlisle, Pa.: The Banner of Truth, 1980), p.5

A person who claims the doctrine of the Trinity is false because the word "Trinity" is not found in Scripture is as foolish as someone who claims 3½ inches, or, say, 5¼ centimeters do not exist because his ruler only shows whole numbers. The doctrine of the Trinity is presented in Scripture clearly enough for spiritual people to recognize, and solidly enough for unspiritual people to stumble over.
Anton Hein


Christian The Biblical Basis of the Doctrine of the Trinity An outline study by Robert Bowman
Christian The Biblical Doctrine of the TrinityOff-site Link by Benjamin B. Warfield
Christian Brief Description of the TrinityOff-site Link by James White, of Alpha and Omega Ministries
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Did Jesus Pray to Himself?Off-site Link (Contra) By J.L. Hall, reasoning from the Oneness Pentacostalism position.
Christian Early Trinitatian QuotesOff-site Link
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Elohim and the Plural PassagesOff-site Link (Contra) Lecture by Daniel Segraves, given at the Symposium on Oneness Pentacostalism (January 11-13, 1996).
Christian The Eternal Subordination of the SonOff-site Link This apologetic against evangelical feminism includes a look at the question of subordination within the Trinity. By Stephen D. Kovach.
Christian An Explanation of the Trinity for MuslimsOff-site Link by Gerry Redman. An article on the Muslim-Christian Debate Website
Christian Four Reasons Why I Believe In The TrinityOff-site Link by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Christian Ignorant and UnenlightenedOff-site Link If a concept is nowhere mentioned in the Bible (like "Trinity"), does that mean it's not a Biblical concept and is therefore false? By Greg Koukl
Christian Is The Creedal Doctrine of the Trinity Biblical?Off-site Link by Bob Passantino
Christian Jesus Christ as God and the Trinity Was Not Invented Until the Fourth Century?Off-site Link An article at GodAndScience.org answers claims made in The Da Vinci Code
Christian John Calvin on the TrinityOff-site Link Calvin explains the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity, and also refutes certain heresies of those who deny the Trinity. Extensive amount of information, from Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Religion."
Christian Plurality Study: An Examination of number of Persons in the Godhead.Off-site Link Article on the CARM site.
Christian Rediscovering the TrinityOff-site Link
Christian Sharp's Rule and Antitrinitarian TheologiesOff-site Link A Bicentennial Defense of Granville Sharp's Argument for the Deity of Christ. By Robert M. Bowman, Jr. Includes a complete critique of Greg Stafford's treatment of Sharp's rule in his book "Jehovah's Witnesses Defended".
Christian Trinity, Definition of Chalcedon, and Oneness TheologyOff-site Link In-depth article by James White, of Alpha and Omega Ministries.
Christian The TrinityOff-site Link A Bible verses chart showing characteristics share by the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Christian The Trinity is One God - Not Three GodsOff-site Link By Boethius (c.480 - c.524)
Christian The Trinity of GodOff-site Link J. Hampton Keathley III. Can also be downloaded as a Word document.
Christian The Trinity SeriesOff-site Link by Dr. Francis J. Beckwith.
Christian Trinity - Why Is This Doctrine Important? by Jeff Hughes.
Christian An Unpublished Essay On The TrinityOff-site Link by Jonathan Edwards
Christian Why We Should Believe in the TrinityOff-site Link by Pat Zukeran, of Probe Ministries
Christian Writing the TrinityOff-site Link Philip Yancey, on writing with clarity about the Trinity.
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Christian Trinities Published by Dale Tuggy, a Christian philosopher in New York state, the purpose of Trinities is a) To survey, explain, and evaluate trinitarian theories (widely understood) - mostly recent ones, but sometimes historical ones as well, and b) To foster discussion and critical thinking about this topic among the general public, as well as philosophers, theologians, and apologists.
Christian Must one believe in the Trinity to be saved?offsite by Rob Bowman
The short answer is that it is not quite accurate to say that belief in the doctrine of the Trinity is essential for salvation. Doctrinal accuracy on any theological subject is in any case at most a litmus test or barometer of the genuineness of a personís salvation, not a prerequisite for receiving the gift of salvation. There is no theology exam on which a person needs a passing score before God will accept that personís trust in him for salvation. We are saved by Godís grace through faith, that is, through our trust and reliance on Godís gift of salvation in Christ (Rom. 3:21-26; Eph. 2:8-10; Tit. 3:5-8). On the other hand, deviation from the basics of sound Christian doctrine can be evidence that a person is either immature in faith (see Acts 18:25-26) or has not genuinely come into a saving faith relationship with Christ (Rom. 16:17-18). Resistance to doctrinal correction would generally be a tip-off that the latter problem is the case.

That having been said, what does the Bible tell us we need to know about the Trinity?
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Christian What Christians Say About The Trinity Ignatius, Dorothy Sayers, Francis Shaeffer, and others on the doctrine of the Trinity.
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See the CounterPoint Discussion in which E. Calvin Beisner Answers a United Pentacostalist.
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Christian Athanasian CreedOff-site Link Specifically addresses the doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation
Christian Definition of ChalcedonOff-site Link
Christian Nicene CreedOff-site Link
More Info About the Creeds

Concordances, Dictionaries
Christian Easton's Bible Dictionary entry on the TrinityOff-site Link
Christian Nave's Topical Bible entries on the TrinityOff-site Link A topical Bible is a concordance listing Scripture references relating to specific topics, even if the topic is not mentioned by name in the verses.
Christian Torrey's Topical Textbook on the TrinityOff-site Link

Christian Jamieson, Fausset and Brown's Commentary entries mentioning the TrinityOff-site Link
Christian Wesley's Explanatory Notes in which the doctrine of the Trinity is mentionedOff-site Link
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Christian Christian Distinctives: The TrinityOff-site Link Excellent series of studies. On the Christian Think-Tank site.
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or UnorthodoxProfess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity In Defense Of Biblical TheologyOff-site Link (Contra) Ironically-named site, as it argues against the doctrine of the Trinity. Logs of debates between Christian apologist Robert Bowman, and Jehovah's Witness apologist Greg Stafford (and others). Shows what length anti-Trinitarians go to in denying Scripture.
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox De Trinitatis ErroribusOff-site Link "The title of this work, De Trinitatis erroribus, is taken from the work by Spanish theologian Michael Servetus who was burned to death on the morning of October 27, 1553, in part for writing this book against the doctrine of the Trinity." Servetus was a unitarian
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or UnorthodoxProfess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Trinity ExposedOff-site Link (Contra) Site by Jehovah's Witnesses, arguing against the doctrine of the Trinity. Note: This site is no longer online. It is one of many private sites that were taken offline by Jehovah's Witnesses in ''obedience'' to suggestions in Jehovah's Witnesses literature regarding use of the Internet... See these messagesOff-site Link.
Christian The TrinityOff-site Link A collection of Trinity-related links
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