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The first public information centre on religious cults, set up by eight Swiss cantons, is to open in Geneva in January 2001. By providing neutral information to the public about different beliefs the centre hopes to prevent tragedies and improve public awareness, an official said.
Geneva to host first public information centre on cults, Swiss Radio International/Swissinfo, Aug. 13, 2000

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Secular Jul. 1, 1999 Swiss National Assembly's Report on Cultsoffsite Unofficial translation (in progress). Official reports available in .pdf files: Germanoffsite pdf and Frenchoffsite pdf Deadline for review and recommendations of action is September, 2000.
Secular July, 1998 Scientology in Switzerlandoffsite Unofficial Translation of the July 1988 Report by the Swiss State Security Advisory Commission. Provides a good overview of the history, teachings and practices of the Church of Scientology. Also gives a good indication as to why many European governments don't give in to American government pressure to accept the movement as a religion. Official report, in Germanoffsite.

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