Apologetics Index and its ‘family of websites‘ — including Religion News Blog — is the online part of a small, Christian ministry in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

It is an independent ministry operated by a small team: Anton and Janet Hein, Ruud Hein, David Mckie, David and Debbie Anderson, Jacob and Anneke de Vries, Eveline de Jong, Ian Reilly and a number of additional helpers and supporters.

Our online work is described here.

Our offline ministry includes:

  • providing counseling and practical help to people in need, including including current and former members of cults, sects and/or abusive churches.
  • teaching fellow-Christians to understand and apply God’s grace and mercy – gifts that set Christians free from legalism, and instead allow us to become expressions of Jesus who lives in and through us (see Galatians 2:20).
  • providing practical help to people in need.
  • providing hospitality to Christians who need a time-out, as well as to Christian ministers visiting – or on their way through – Amsterdam, and
  • facilitating a small house church

No Charges; No Fees

Apologetics Index — including its related ‘family of websites‘ — is provided free of charge as a research resource.

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In fact, as a non-profit ministry, we never charge any fees.

Expenses incurred in operating the websites as well as our offline ministry are offset by donations — augmented by commissions received from advertising and affiliate links.

Amazon.com, for instance, pays us a small commission — at no extra cost to you — for each qualified purchase you make via an Amazon.com link on our website.

Note: our editorial decisions, including whether or not to link to books sold via Amazon.com, are not influenced by our affiliate status.

We also have some commercial activities — such as occasional SEO consulting or a WordPress database and security service — that help support the cost of operating our sites.

In addition, on a limited basis we also develop and/or host third-party web sites.

Donation Status: No Donations Needed

Thanks also in part to a small but dedicated group of supporters in Holland and around the world, we currently have no need to request donations for ongoing expenses. We have operated like this since June, 2008.

If you nevertheless wish to send a donation, please do so as a designated gift:

Designated Gifts

In our offline ministry we frequently meet people who desperately need a financial gift. While Holland has a fantastic social services system (even with the current changes being introduced to comply with European Union rules) many people fall through the cracks.

These people include asylum seekers, so-called ‘white illegals’ (people who have worked and lived here for a long time, but who are caught up in bureaucratic red tape), and the so-called ‘working poor.’ To these people, a financial gift – often even a relatively small one – can mean the difference between keeping or losing their home, or enable them to buy clothes, medicines, or other necessary items.

• If you wish to designate your donation for these purposes, please indicate so by including the statement: “To pass on to others.”

• If you prefer to donate to the online ministry of Apologetics Index — for instance for use in replacing aging and/or failing equipment — simply write, “For Apologetics Index.”

Thank you!

The Apologetics Index team.