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Robert Bowman identifies three types of Satanists:

  1. Materialistic Satanists -- the majority; those like LaVey, for whom Satan is not real and all rituals are simply for fun
  2. Mystical Satanists -- those who think an impersonal spiritual power can be tapped for their personal benefit; sometimes these Satanists believe in two powers, one positive and one negative, and they seek the negative power.
  3. Mad Satanists -- those who believe in God and Satan, profess to follow Satan despite the eternal consequences, and who are often mentally unstable; such Satanists are generally isolated individuals, not part of a larger Satanic group



Christian The Black Maskoffsite by John Charles Cooper
Christian From Darkness to Light: How to Rescue Someone You Love from the Occult by Jeff Harshbarger. • Read Chapter One online.
Christian Satanismoffsite Bob and Gretchen Passantino show how, in the midst of prevailing attitudes of skepticism and disbelief, Satanism has made unprecedented inroads into our society

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Christian Refuge Ministriesoffsite For those who have been involved in satanism, the occult, wicca, witchcraft, New Age practices or false teachings in the Christian church.

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