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Secular ARS Web Page SummaryOff-site Link ''[A]n attempt at assembling the most comprehensive list of scientology related material that exists on the web.''

Non-Christian CANOff-site Link Cult Awareness Network, now operated by the Church of Scientology. For Details, see this Extended Entry.
Non-Christian Church of ScientologyOff-site Link Scientology's official site.
Secular Church of Scientology vs. The NetOff-site Link Details of the CoS war against the Internet and individual critics
Secular FACTNetOff-site Link Secular counter-cult organization with the largest collection of information about the Scientology Church. FACTNet includes a huge collection of links to other sites on ScientologyOff-site Link, as well as a searchable database.
Secular FACTNet's Scientology FAQsOff-site Link An excellent starting point.
Secular Fishman AffidavitOff-site Link The world's first legal Fishman homepage. In Holland (of course!). Part of Karin Spaink's site
Secular Ford Harrison Hotel - Room 758Off-site Link Examines the death of Heribert Pfaff while under the care of a Scientologist doctor
Non-Christian FreezoneOff-site Link Site for former and current Scientologists who believe "The mother church (...) has taken a much different path than the one that was intended." Seeks to reform the Church of Scientology.
Christian Gerry ArmstrongOff-site Link Ex-Scientologist subjected to Scientology's hate and harassment practices
Secular Helena Kobrin's Love PageOff-site Link Lots of info about one of Scientology's favorite lawyers. Part serious, part satire. Keep small children and pets away from the screen. If you're prone to having nightmares, don't visit this site shortly before going to bed.
Secular Ineke FranssenOff-site Link (Dutch). Interview with ex-member Ineke Franssen, as published in the Dutch-language magazin, Viva, Nov. 9, 2003
Secular International Pickets Against The Church Of ScientologyOff-site Link plus lots of additional material on why people picket Scientology
Secular I Write - Therefore I AmOff-site Link Dutch writer Karin Spaink's excellent - court-approved site, hosted by an ISP that has been harrassed by the Scientology Church. Includes the "legal defense kit," which comes in handy when it's your turn to be sued by the Scientologists. Also has the world's first legal Fishman
Off-site Link
Secular Legal Cases - EFF's Church of Scientology ArchiveOff-site Link EFF - the Electronic Freedom Foundation - is not concerned with Scientology's teachings, but rather with the church's efforts to censor it's critics. That is why EFF provides this archive of legal cases.
Secular LisaMcPherson.comOff-site Link "LisaMcPherson.com is dedicated to bringing information about the upcoming civil trial as well as documents and transcripts about Lisa’s life and her death in the care and custody of Scientology. "
Secular Lisa McPherson Memorial SiteOff-site Link Lisa died while in the "care" of fellow Scientologists at the Clearwater headquarters. There is an ongoing police investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.
Secular OfflinesOnlineOff-site Link Operated by former Scientologist Charlotte L. Kates, who herself left Scientology after learning about its dark site on the Net.
Secular Operation ClambakeOff-site Link Extensive and very informative counter-Scientology site. Also known as xenu.net.
Secular The Real Statistics of ScientologyOff-site Link
Secular Scientology and DianeticsOff-site Link FACTNet's extensive collection of information and resources.
Non-Christian Scientology Applied Religious PhilosophyOff-site Link (Pro) Scientology's official site. Includes links to many related sites, including FAQs, promotional material, and sites dedicated to the worship of L. Ron Hubbard
Secular Scientology - Religion or Not?Off-site Link Extensive collection of links
Secular Scientology and the Anti-Cult MovementOff-site Link Extensive site that criticizes the anti-cult movement for its erstwhile practice of deprogramming. Documents the history of the practice, and examines the underlying theory of mind control. Web master, Bernie, is a former Scientologist who left the Church of Scientology on his own accord. On the Scientology portion of his site, he also takes anti-cultists to task:
"...my position in the Scientology issue is a rather special one: on the one hand, I am a Scientology ex-member and a Scientology critic; on the other hand, I am critical of the abuses of the counter movement."

"The irony is that while critics blame Scientologists for being unable to question, think, and communicate, they are often the first to display these very failings."

Secular Scientology and the InternetOff-site Link Documents Scientology's attacks on freedom of speech, its abuse of the Internet, its attack on ISPs, its censorship practices, etcetera.
Scientology publicly claims to be an "applied religious philosophy", as well as being compatible with other religious belief systems. However, in the secret upper levels of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard says many uncomplimentary things about religion in general and Christianity in particular. Because the "Church" of Scientology is less than forthcoming in revealing its entire belief structure, this web site was created to promote the scholarly study of the public and private beliefs of Scientology and Dianetics. These beliefs are then contrasted with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Secular Scientology Court FilesOff-site Link Details of legal cases involving Scientology
Secular Scientology Cult Attacks XS4ALLOff-site Link The former director of Dutch ISP XS4ALLOff-site Link - host of Apologetics Index - has collected fotos and press report regarding a CoS raid on its offices. See Karin Spaink's site, also hosted by XS4ALL, for details and background information.
Christian Scientology KillsOff-site Link Good collection of information, by former Scientologist Valerie Emanuel
Christian Scientology LiesOff-site Link Starts with "Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious...It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit" - a statement made by Justice Latey, ruling in the High Court of London. Continues from there.
Secular Scientology UnmaskedOff-site Link Hard-hitting series of indepth articles published by the Boston Herald (Mar 1-5, 1998).
Christian Watchman FellowshipOff-site Link Research material on Scientology from a Christian perspective. Watchman Fellowship is one of the foremost and most-respected Christian counter-cult organizations.
Secular Why Are These People Dead Scientology?Off-site Link Information about the circumstances surrounding the death of various Scientologists

Examining The Church of Scientology
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