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Religious cults, sects and alternative religions in Russia
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Religious cults, sects and alternative religions in Russia


First posted: Sep. 1, 1996
Last Updated: Feb. 17, 2001
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- Articles -
Secular Apr. 19, 2001 Russia: Analysis From Washington -- A Religious Flowering Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Christian Mar. 20, 1999 Laying Down The LawOff-site Link "Russian officials are taking seriously a repressive law against religious minorities, but a few find loopholes"
Christian Oct. 25, 1997 Between the Cross and the ConstitutionOff-site Link Anti-religious freedom statute tests church's faith, rule of law
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- Multimedia -
Secular Russia fends off foreign godsOff-site Link June 2, 2000 BBC program (videoOff-site Link - realplayer required) (transcriptOff-site Link)
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» Religion News Blog News about religious cults, sects, alternative religions and related issues.

Other Sources:
AcademicPluralistic News About Religion In RussiaOff-site Link Press releases from a variety of sources, reported by Stetson University
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First posted: Sep. 1, 1996
Last Updated: Feb. 5, 2001
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