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Netherlands - Holland - Amsterdam




About this page

- Books -        Click On Titles To Order At Discount           » More Books
Eyewitness Guide to Amsterdam I was born and raised in Amsterdam. This is the GuideOff-site Link I recommend. Click here to look inside the bookOff-site Link
Insight Guide to AmsterdamOff-site Link A very good book that captures the "look and feel" of the city very well. Not as practical as other guides during the trip, this book, illustrated with excellent photographs, makes for good pre-trip reading and after-trip reminiscing
» Living & Working in the NetherlandsOff-site Link by Pat Rush
» The Rough Guide to Amsterdam includes lots of practical info (e.g. how to use the trams, where to get free beer, how to tell all those cheeses apart).
» More Books about HollandOff-site Link
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- Broadcasting -
» Active Radio listing of 300+ Dutch stationsOff-site Link
» 192 Goed IdeeOff-site Link (Dutch) Those who fondly remember the offshore station, Radio VeronicaOff-site Link, will be permanently tuned to this station. Not only will you hear many of the old-time DJs, but the ''pirate radio atmosphere'' is the same.
» Evangelische OmroepOff-site Link (Dutch) Holland's Evangelical Broadcasting Organization.
» Omroep.nl (Dutch)Off-site Link (English)Off-site Link (Dutch) Portal for all of Holland's public broadcasting organizations.
» Radio Netherlands World ServiceOff-site Link (Dutch and English) (Listen)Off-site Link
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- Country Profile -
» Background Notes: Netherlands by the U.S. State Department, with info like this: ''The Netherlands is the eighth-largest U.S. export market, as well as the third-largest direct investor in the United States, behind the United Kingdom and Japan.''
» Country InfoOff-site Link Detailed information about the Netherlands
» CIA's World Factbook: NetherlandsOff-site Link Information gathered by CIA spies?
» The NetherlandsOff-site Link Encarta Encyclopedia article
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- Government -
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- Magazines -
» Holland HorizonOff-site Link Published every three months by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with support from the Netherlands Board of Tourism (NBT) and the Netherlands Foreign Trade Agency (EVD). Holland Horizon reports on economic, cultural, historical, social and political developments in the Netherlands. The PDF edition of Holland Horizon is available on this website in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian.
» The Media in the NetherlandsOff-site Link Brief overview.
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- Moving to Holland -
» Expatica.comOff-site Link News and community for the expatriate. Includes everything from practical information on how to move to the NetherlandsOff-site Link, to english-language news, and detailed explanations of Dutch customs, morals (uhuh!), and habits.
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- News - Current -
» Religion News Blog News about religious cults, sects, alternative religions and related issues.

Other Sources:
» Dutch In TouchOff-site Link (English) Mailing list for Dutch folks - and their friends, family members, and other loved ones - around the world. Exchange Holland-related news items, recipes, travel- or immigration tips. Discuss current affairs involving the Netherlands, or the Dutch abroad.
» Dutch Press ReviewOff-site Link (English) Provided by Radio Netherlands.
» Expatica.comOff-site Link (English)
» The Netherlands PostOff-site Link (English) News items roundup
» News and Events javascript popup window (English) provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ''Selected press releases and speeches; Dutch events; international conferences and special items.''
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- News Database -
Items added after August, 2002:
» Religion News Blog News Collection, various sources

Older Items:
» Database of archived news items
(Includes items added between Oct. 25, 1999 and Jan. 31, 2002. See about this database)
Note: Most of the items included here are of a general nature. News items on specific religious organizations, people, movements, issues, etcetera, are listed in the A-Z Apologetics Index.

Older Item:
(Apr. 19, 1999) Religious Awakening In Holland
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- Religion in Holland -
» HouseChurch.nl - English-language House Church in Amsterdam
» English-language church services in the NetherlandsOff-site Link
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- See Also -
» More about Amsterdam
» More about Holland

Euthanasia was recently legalized in the Netherlands. Much of the rhetoric from critics is based on misinformation and faulty logic.
» About Euthanasia
» Live and let die is new Dutch religion (Briefly explains why the Dutch are so tolerant)

Much information exists online about the Dutch approach to drugs. Most of the misinformation is created by the U.S. government, whose costly ''war against drugs'' isn't working.
» Europe shifts out of drug-war mode, Christian Science Monitor, Mar. 12, 2001: ''Belgium, Britain, France, and Portugal are among those moving toward the Dutch model of treatment, not arrest.''
» McCaffrey: Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics How former U.S. drugs czar Barry McCaffrey lied his way through Europe and deliberately misinformed the American public.
» Narcostate or ModelOff-site Link 25 years of Liberal Drug Policy in The Netherlands
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- Sites -
» Back to your rootsOff-site Link ''Dutch people travel the world and stick around, for a couple of years or for good. The Netherlands Board of Tourism keeps you connected with your roots.''
» Holland RingOff-site Link Home pages for, by and about Dutch people living abroad (and for those interested in all things Dutch).
» Royal Dutch Embassy in the U.S.A.Off-site Link
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- Statistics -
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- Visiting Holland -
» The Shelter - Christian Youth HostelsOff-site Link Highly recommended by the publisher of Apologetics Index.
» Netherlands Board of TourismOff-site Link
» Tourism, Visas, and Visiting the NetherlandsOff-site Link Information provided by the Royal Dutch Embassy in the U.S.A.
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