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The Bible and Mormon Doctrine

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The Bible and Mormon Doctrine

The Bible and Mormon Doctrine

From the book, Gentile Girl: Living With The Latter-day Saints


Here is a list of helpful verses about Mormonism from the Bible. Latter-day Saints don't accept the Bible as their final authority, so the following verses don't ''prove'' anything to them. Because of the principle of continuing revelation, if the Bible interferes with modern teaching, the new supersedes the old. But for Christians who want to compare what the Bible says with LDS doctrine, the following verses may be helpful.

About This Article

This article is an appendix from the book, Gentile Girl: Living With The Latter-day Saints, by Carol Avery Forseth, Jan. 2002, Crossroads Press, Fort Collins, Colorado, ISBN 0-9714782-0-1. The articles is posted at Apologetics Index by permission.

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The Bible and Mormon Doctrine
First posted: Jan. 12, 2002
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