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Research Resources: Articles
While the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, unlike many other websites that deal with the issues we address, many topics on this site include links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources, presented from neutral, pro, and contra viewpoints.

Note: A simple color-coding system is used to help you identify the general background of sites, articles and other listings.

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Biblical Evaluations

Christian Bible Answers for Jehovah's WitnessesOff-site Link Verse-by-verse answers. By David Reed.
Christian The Deity of Jesus ChristOff-site Link by Walter Martin, excerpted from The Kingdom of The CultsOff-site Link
Christian Discussing Deity with Jehovah's WitnessesOff-site Link by David Reed
Christian Does Man Have A Soul?Off-site Link by David J. Riggs. (Jehovah's Witnesses teach that men do not have an immortal soul within the body)
Christian The God of the WatchtowerOff-site Link "What Jehovah’s Witnesses Really Believe about Jehovah God", by Robert Bowman
Christian How do Jehovah's Witnesses' teachings about Christ compare with Scriptures?Off-site Link Article on the ChristianAnswers.net
Christian Refutation of Watchtower Theology in Regard to the Triune DeityOff-site Link by Walter Martin, excerpted from The Kingdom of The CultsOff-site Link
Christian The Resurrection of ChristOff-site Link by Walter Martin, excerpted from The Kingdom of The CultsOff-site Link
ChristianAberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Salvation in Jesus ChristOff-site Link Dave Englund discusses and refutes the Jehovah's Witnesses "salvation by works" theology.
Christian Seven Ways Jehovah's Witnesses Distort True ChristianityOff-site Link by Ralph F. Wilson
Christian Sharp's Rule and Antitrinitarian TheologiesOff-site Link A Bicentennial Defense of Granville Sharp's Argument for the Deity of Christ. By Robert M. Bowman, Jr. Includes a complete critique of Greg Stafford's treatment of Sharp's rule in his book "Jehovah's Witnesses Defended".
ChristianAberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Sin and Salvation, Law and FreedomOff-site Link From the book "Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses," by Randall Waters.
Christian The Watchtower's Scriptural DistortionsOff-site Link by Walter Martin, excerpted from The Kingdom of The CultsOff-site Link
Christian Witnessing TipsOff-site Link Articles that provide some helpful information about witnessing to a Jehovah's Witness.

Blood Transfusions

Secular Blood Is Thicker Than DogmaOff-site Link James King, a former Jehovah's Witness, writes about religious cults. In this July 15, 2000 article published by The Guardian (England), he shows "how an ageing leadership maintains its hold on power."
Christian Jehovah's Witnesses and the War on BloodOff-site Link by John Whaley, Watchman Fellowship
Christian Jehovah's Witnesses: Bulgaria and BloodOff-site Link By Jason Barker, Watchman Fellowship. Duplicity on the part of the Watchtower...
The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has long forbidden blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses. The issue is so serious, in fact, that Witnesses believe a blood transfusion "may result in the immediate and very temporary prolongation of life, but at the cost of eternal life for a dedicated Christian" (Blood, Medicine, and the Law of God, p. 55; emphasis added). [...] On March 9, 1998, the European Commission of Human Rights accepted a settlement between the government of Bulgaria and the Christian Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses in which Bulgaria, in exchange for a significant concession from the Witnesses, agreed to recognize the Witnesses as an official religious organization. [...] The compromise made by the Society is far more noteworthy. The Society agreed, regarding blood transfusions, that “members should have free choice in the matter for themselves and their children, without any control or sanction on the part of the association” (Ibid.; emphases added).

Cultic Characteristics

Christian The Files of Jehovah´s WitnessesOff-site Link "Jehovah´s Witnesses came into the limelight of Danish media when the organisation's secret registration of the sins of the followers was revealed by an ordinary burglary", by Søren Bo Henriksen
ChristianAberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Understanding Watchtower Phobias How and Why the Watchtower Uses Fear to Control Its MembersOff-site Link
Christian The Watchtower Indoctrination ProcessOff-site Link A psychological and sociological Examination. Formerly entitled, "How and Why Someone Becomes a Jehovah's Witness." By Jamie Boyden

Disfellowshipping | Shunning

Christian Disfellowshipping and Shunning Your FamilyOff-site Link Article on the Free Minds site
Christian Shunning: A Part of the Faith of Jehovah's WitnessesOff-site Link By ex-Jehovah's Witness Gary Busselman


Christian Coming Out of the Watchtower: Why Is It So Difficult?Off-site Link Article on the Free Minds site
Christian Why Some Can't Leave the Watchtower...Off-site Link (and why others that do leave may not fare well), plus: Why Disfellowshiped Persons Often Defend the Watchtower. By Randall Watters.


Christian Jehovah's Witnesses and Child CustodyOff-site Link Part of the "Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses" site.
Christian The Jehovah's Witnesses Are RightOff-site Link " Where the Jehovah's Witnesses are right, and where they are wrong." By Homer Duncan.
Christian Paradise Postponed... and PostponedOff-site Link "Why Jehovah's Witnesses Have a High Mental Illness Level." By Dr. Jerry Bergman, Christian Research Journal, Summer, 1996
A review of scientific literature shows that the rate of mental illness among Jehovah’s Witnesses is considerably above average. Statistical information varies partly because the extant research has been conducted on different populations at different time periods. Several major factors stand out as harmful to Witness mental health. Not only do persons with emotional problems tend to join the Witnesses, but also the Watchtower teachings and its subculture adversely affect the mental health of those involved.
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